Monday, July 6, 2015

My Last Email

Oh man everyone! The time out here in the Greatest Ohio Cincinnati has been so wonderful!! I am so grateful for the opportunity i have had to serve my Heavenly Father for the past 18 months. What a great week we were able to have though. We had so much fun!

The coolest thing happened this week. So we have been teaching this guy and he has been really struggling with his family. He just got custody of his daughter who was raised by a drug addicted mother that did not take care of her and did not love her. He is trying so hard to love his daughter but she just wont accept it. So he is just struggling. But we were over there sharing the restoration with him and he was listening and everything but he just didnt seem to quite understand how important it was and he was saying "Yeah i will pray about it" and "Yeah if i knew it was true i would be baptized" It wasnt a bad thing but it was just lacking something. So sister Stokes and i just started to testify of Jesus Christ and his Church and Joseph Smith. Then it finally clicked the spirit came in and just hit him over the head! He was like "Oh so everyone thinks that Christs church is dead but what you are telling me is that it is very much alive?" and we were like "YES!!!!" The spirit came in so strong and it was so amazing. He then sat and pondered on what we were saying more in depth. It was so awesome! 

So the funny thing of the week... this is really just a blonde moment for me and my companion... bless our hearts... haha so each night we have family prayer with our zone over a conference call. Well usually the zone leaders run it but their phone was being weird and we couldnt hear them very well so they asked us to run the prayer. So what we usually do just to get to know everyone a little better is ask them a question of the night. So the question that night was "What are your favorite kind of shoes to wear" Since the zone leaders phone was being dumb they were texting us their answers. One of them texted us "anything slip on" then all the other one said was "Pros shoes" well sister Stokes and i just looked at each other like we have no idea what kind of shoes those are but okay so we announce over the prayer "Elder Pope likes slip on shoes and Elder Wilcken likes pros shoes" .... well seconds later we get another text that said "Proselyting shoes" so we were like "and they both like proselyting shoes" then seconds later we get another text from them that says "Proselyting shoes not pros shoes" Then at that moment it clicked with both sister Stoke and i and we just died laughing. 

Well my dearest family and friends, i just want you to know that i am so thankful for the love and support i have received from all you. I have truly felt every prayer. I feel so blessed to have such a loving home to return to. These last 18 months have blessed my life forever. This is something that i will cherish for the rest of my life. The testimony i have gained on my mission will continue to grow but here is where i have to say i have truly gained a testimony of my Savior and the enabling power of the atonement. I know that He is the son of God. I know that He has felt everything we have ever felt. I know He walks with us everyday. The Doctrine He established while He was on the earth is the way we can change and become the children of God that He has sent us here to become. It is only through that Doctrine that we can truly carry the image of God in our countenances. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, I know that Book of Mormon is truly the word of God. It is powerful. I know God has blessed us each with power to perform miracles but it is up to us to decide weather or not we are going to live in a way to access that power. I love this gospel with all my heart and it has truly changed my life. I love you guys so much!!! 

Love your Sister Kirsten Davis 

The Greatest Ohio Cincinnati Mission!!! 

P.S. My homecoming will be this coming Sunday at 9:00 am. Anyone is welcome to come and then we will be having a pig roast after at my house. So come and eat some food too :) If you need the address to the church you can call my mom because i am not sure what it is. But her number is 801-710-7791 :)