Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MiSsIoNaRy WoRk :)

Indiana has the most beautiful skies!!
Hey my beautiful family and friends! 

How are you all doing?? I hope all is going good for you. This week has been quite the week. We had a fantastic zone conference. We are always asked to go into these zone conferences with questions that we want answered. Well i went in with the question of how can i strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ? And oh my goodness i can testify to you that the Lord truly answers our prayers. The whole zone conference was on what we can do as missionaries to strengthen our faith and to strengthen the faith of our investigators. It was so fantastic!!

The funny moment of the week. We found these people to teach that wanted us to come back. Well we found them a couple weeks ago and the wife was like my husband really wants to talk to you but he is not home so will you come back? So we went back then the husband was super sick so we set up another time to come back. So we finally got to teach them this week. The funny part of it was that we asked him what he was hoping to get from meeting with us? His reply was i have heard some pretty crazy things about Jehovah witnesses and i just want to hear straight from you what you believe. Uh.... yeah well after we got done explaining that we were missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints they still wanted to meet with us and read the Book of Mormon. So it all worked out great. 

Well the work continues on out here in the great state of Indiana. It is so super humid. My skin feels sticky all the time haha but i have got a fantastic looking tan line on my arms and my feet. I know this gospel is the one true gospel on the earth today. I know and am so grateful for the opportunity that our families can be together forever. I know God has a plan for each of us. Thank you for all the love and support that i receive from each of you! I love you and pray for you!!
Love your Sister Davis :)

Additional Notes:  President says that in the month of June every compaionship will baptize a family but we are having a hard time finding a family but in order to find we have to talk to everyone and that is something i am still working on doing i am trying to be bolder in my conversations with people it is just stressing me out.

We got a dog that followed us around this neighborhood.... it wouldnt hold still long enough to take a picture so we just got the tail. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hello Everybody! :) Area: Bright Indiana, Companion: Sister Shaunna Blackburn, Roy

Sister Blackburn and Sister Davis
Hey everyone! 

I hope all is going well for you! This week has been quite the experience. I have never been on my knees so much in my life. So last week was transfer week. Sister Herndon got transferred. But it was really funny because before she left she was like "Sister Davis you dont need to worry because you will get a companion that has been out for a while and knows what she is doing and it will all be good." Well when i get to the transfer meeting and they are announcing who our new companions are they announce that i am the senior companion and i will receive a junior companion. Yeah my companion has only been out for three months. One thing i am learning is how to fully rely on the Lord to lead us and keep us going. I know that the Lord is truly at the head of this work. It is His work and us missionaries are here to just be the messengers. I am learning to more fully listen to the promptings of the spirit and act one them.  He truly leads and guides us. We had an awesome experience the other day. We were in this neighborhood visiting this guy and we got done visiting and i thought we should walk down the street but i kinda ignored the thought and got in the car. As we were driving down the street i saw this lady out with her son. Then i thought we should talk to them. But i kept driving then i felt guilty that i didnt talk to her so we turned around and jumped out of the car and went over to talk to her. As we were talking to her right in the middle of my sentence she interrupted me and said "let me just tell you this. the other day when you were walking down the street my husband saw you and was so disappointed when you didnt knock on our door. Would you mind coming back when he is here to talk as well?" We were so excited! Miracles never cease out here in the mission field. 
It pays to have connections at the fire station! ;)

Another amazing miracle. We are teaching this 14 year old boy. The other day when we went to visit him we asked him how his Book of Mormon reading had been going? and he said it was going good. and we asked if he had prayed about it and he said yes and we were like have you gotten an answer and he said "yup sometimes when i am sitting in class i will just start to think about it and i get chills all up and down my body" holy cow what a testimony builder it was to me. If he can find out the Book of Mormon is true anyone can. All we have to do is listen to what the spirit is telling us. It is as simple as that. 

Well i love you all. I am so grateful to have such an awesome family and awesome friends. The prayers that are said are truly felt out here and i am so blessed to be here and am so blessed to have you all apart of my life. You all are in my prayers! Know that i love you so so much!! Stay strong :) 

Love your Sister Davis :) 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Another week in the wonderful OCM (Ohio Cincinnati Mission) :)

Wow what an amazing week. So to start off it started out a little rough. Monday and Tuesday we were having a hard time and our faith was being shaken a tad bit but that doesnt stop us. The best cure for that is to go out and knock on some doors... or go out and talk to everyone you see. But thankfully the week got better. 

Beth and Bill's Wedding
Wednesday we got to attend a wedding of this couple that have been waiting to get baptized for a long time. They are the strongest people ever!! The other sisters in our area have been teaching them. Anyway they had to wait to get married because the husband was waiting for his divorce papers to go through which was a long process and things just were not workin out but finally they got to get married on wednesday. Then on saturday they were baptized. It was such an amazing baptism because... well all baptisms are amazing but this on especially because they had waited so long and worked so hard. They had everything up against them in being baptized but by they grace and love of God it all worked out. It was AMAZING!!! 

We got our transfer call this morning and sadly Sister Herndon is leaving me. She is the most amazing companion ever. I have made a new best friend and to overcome the things we have overcome, it will be a companionship that i will never forget. She is a hard dedicated servant of God.

I have the most wonderful family in all the universe. It was so great to see everyone yesterday and hear from them. I hope all the wonderful mothers had a great mothers day yesterday. I am so grateful for all the mothers in my life. Each of you have had a tremendous impact on me and i would not be where i am today without them. I am especially grateful for my mother. She is the most amazing humble christlike person i know. I look up to her so much. She has her testimony burning brightly within her. She knows who she is and what she stands for. Her faith is unshaken and she shares her love of the gospel with everyone she contacts just from the bright smile that is always on her face. She has always supported me in everything i do. I can always count on her to be in the stands cheerin me on. I hope to one day be the mother she is. Thank you so much for all the love and support you mothers out there give me and i love you all. 

What a great opportunity it is to be a missionary today. I love this work and i love my mission. It does get hard but i know the Lord provides the way to make it so possible. I love you all and you are all in my prayers. Stay strong out there!! 

Love your sister Davis :)

Moms additional comments:

It was so good to skype with Kirsten on Mother’s Day. She is happy and felt blessed to see her family. In the past her mission president only lets the missionaries call home and she said last Sunday she was laying in bed thinking all I want is to see my family. Monday morning she received a call from the mission president and she was told that she can skype home for Mother’s Day, Kirsten said that was a direct answer to her prayers.

I asked her if we can do anything for her and her reply was pray and read the Book of Mormon. I am blessed to have her great example in my life. Thank you for all you do to love and support us.
Love Cara

Monday, May 5, 2014

Hello Everybody!! :)

Hey all my family and friends,

I hope all is going well back at home! Things are just great here in the great Ohio Cincinnati mission. I love Indiana. I got to experience some great moments this week.

So to start off we had a lesson with this family of five this week. It was awesome the spirit was so super strong. It was just thick in the room. The dad did have a hard time understanding. So in the end we just bore a humble testimony of the things we knew to be true. As I bore my testimony i bore it on how i know that my family will be together even after death and how i know that everyone could have that opportunity. As i finished my testimony the dad of the family looked right at me and said "will you date my son?"....uhhh awkward... good thing his son was not home. haha! And that is not what i intended him to get out of my testimony. Good thing we are meeting with them again so i can redeem myself. 

My prince charming 
Also last night we were visiting a member and i found my prince charming. They have this fabulous backyard. It is so cool. They have like three ponds and a toy train that goes around the whole thing. In the ponds they have like fishes and frogs and stuff. But anyway we saw a frog and the member asked if we would like to hold it. Of course i wanted to hold it. So he caught it for us and we got to hold it. So i decided to kiss it and POP it turned into prince charming... Just kidding. I did pretend to kiss it though;) 

This is our district
I am learning so much everyday being out here on a mission. There was this really amazing scripture we shared this week. It is 3 Nephi 19: It is talking about the light of Christ. We as members of the church have that light. People notice it. We are so blessed to have that Spirit in our homes and bless our lives. I know God provides a way for us to accomplish the work He has here for us and by giving us that light is one way He does it. Keep that light close. Know that it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that provides that light and happiness for each of us. I know this is the true Gospel on this earth today. I know that Jesus Christ is at the head of it. I know He loves each of us and desires for us to return to him. i know each challenge we face is for our own good. I notice that more everyday. Some days are harder than other but everyday is another chance for me to learn and grow to make the next day better. I love you all and know you all are in my prayers. Have a fantastic safe week. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Love your sister Davis :)