Monday, June 30, 2014

Hello everybody!

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I hope everything is going good! All is well here in the great state of Indiana. This week has been quite the week.

Sister Davis, Susan, her son Jaydon, Sister Blackburn
This lady we have been teaching is so amazing. So she only has her little boy living with her but she has two other little girls living with her parents. She goes over there often to see them. But last week she was telling us all about how she is teaching her girls about all that we are sharing with her. It is so awesome. She has completely had a change of heart from the first time that we came in contact with her. It is amazing the power that the book of mormon and the spirit have together. 

Funny moment of the week. So we went to go contact this lady that we met the other day and when we went there this man answers the door and before we could say anything he said he wasnt interested and shut the door.... well a few days later we were walking down the street and this car pulls over and it is this guy. He asked us if we were the girls he shut the door on the other day. And we said yes and he said "well i just wanted you to know that the next day i ended up in the hospital with two stints put in my heart." Lets just say he apoligized. haha it is so not funny that he ended up in the hospital but it was kinda funny that he related those two things together. 

We had a really neat experience the other day. We were really struggling to find new investigators this week and on saturday we planned a whole bunch of places to try and find some but no one seemed to be interested. So we were feeling really down and the rest of our night was booked. But as the night went on some of our plans fell through and through the grace of God we were able to find that new investigator. It was amazing. This is truly the Lords work. Sorry this email is so short. Know that you all are in my prayers and i love you so much!!

Love your sister Davis :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Another transfer is gone!

Sister Blackburn & Sister Davis
My dearest family and friends,

I want you to know you are all in my prayers. I love you all so much! The mission is just full of miracles. We get to witness them everyday.

First i want to tell you about this lady that we have known for a long time. So we met her the very first transfer i was here and she was investigating for a while and such but really had no interest in it so unfortunately we had to drop her. But she lives in our apartment complex so we would still see her all the time and we would share short little scriptures with her weather she wanted to hear them or not. We would always tell her to let us know if she needed anything. So this went on for quite a while and a couple weeks ago she gave us a call and was like i really need some help. So we went over and helped her with what she needed help with then afterwards she told us that she wanted to sit down and read some of the Book of Mormon with us. She told us that as she read the Book of Mormon she finally could feel that calm peaceful feeling we always promise she will feel. She told us that she loves it. Well that has continued on and she loves reading the Book of Mormon with us. She has had a lot of struggles in her life with drugs and such but then she called us the other morning ans was like i am changing my life around and i want to come to church. Holy cow!! That was music to my ears!! She made a list of goals she wanted to accomplish and when she wanted to accomplish them by. She told us that for the longest time she was trying to get rid of us but we just kept coming around. Haha she thanked us for not giving up on her. She has the cutest 3 year old boy. The other night when we were there we told her that we wanted to have a family prayer with her. so we all held hands and knelt down and said a family prayer. We told her that this is something our families do back at home. Well after that her little boy always wants to say a family prayer now and she thinks that is to coolest thing. Holy cow God works miracles through the Book of Mormon. 
Kirsten's Zone

Okay now for a funny... awkward moment.... we went to go to our investigators house who has, now, more than ten dogs. As we were walking up to the door we noticed they had a screen door instead of the other door that they had i thought to myself "has that always been there or is it new?" It wasnt new new but it was new to the house. Well as we continued to walk up one of the big dogs started barking and jumped on the screen door... broke the door screen... and let all the little dogs out. What do you do in a situation like that? I am not sure either. Luckily not all of them got out but quite a few did. The owners are super easy goin too so it was all good. haha but i thought it was super funny... maybe it was a kinda had to be there moment. 
Anyway the work here is fantastic. I love this little town of Bright Indiana. I have learned so much and i know i have so much more to learn. Thank you for all your love and your prayers. Keep staying strong and know that i love you all so so much!!
Love your sister Davis :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

M&M's Missionaries and miracles :)

Hey all my wonderful friends and family! I hope you all are doing great! This week has been a week of miracles. I just love the mission field. It defiantly has its ups and down moments but overall at the end of the day it is just great. 

To start off with the rain here is amazing!! haha it can be completely dry and such one moment then the next  moment it is just a down pour... and when i say down pour i am not exaggerating. It POURS!! Which in not entirely a bad thing. The other day we went to go and contact this person and we and all the sudden it just started down pouring. We looked in the car for our umbrella but it wasnt in there...  Haha we were drenched. We knocked on the door and no one answered. So we made our way back to the car. But being drenched already i couldnt help but jump in every puddle that i saw on the way back. The only bummer about the rain here is that we are always in nice clothes so it does not look very professional being drenched... but what do ya do... besides remember your umbrella next time.

The miracle for the week was we found this cute little family that we just love. It is a mom and a dad with two little kids. A 4 year old little boy and a 2 year old little girl. They are absolutely amazing and they seem to be humble seekers of truth. A funny story about that we went to an appointment the other day and when i knocked on the door there was a flyer for the baptist church haha. So before they answered i was going to hurry and take it off and stuff it in my purse... but i felt that i probably shouldnt do that. Then the next time we met with them the mom was like " we recieved a flyer from the baptist church the other day after you guys left. I am starting to wonder if our church is not the right one." (because they attend a non denominational church) So it could work to our benefit. Also their little boy is so cute anytime we come over he always yells to his mom "the girls are here" It just makes us smile a whole bunch. They came to church for the first time yesterday. It was stake conference so it was like a 2 hours sacrament meeting. With two little kids was quite the adventure. We are praying they will come back next week. Sister Blackburn and i tried to entertain the kids while they tried to listen. We also had some of the members help out a ton. It was awesome and they agreed to meet with us again on Tuesday so that is a good sign. And they gave us a hug afterward which is also a good sign seems how we have just been shaking their hands. They are just fantastic and have made it through a lot together as a family. 

I read this scripture this week. It is in First Nephi chapter 11:17 It is when Nephi is asking the Lord the meaning of Lehi's dream about the tree of life and the rod and such. And the lord asks Nephi if he knows the condescension of God and Nephi replies and says that he knows God loves his children but he does not know the meaning of all things. I think that is so amazing seeing how much Nephi and his family went through and all he needed to know was that God loved his children and he made it through it all. I know that God loves each of us. I hope you all know that he loves you too! If you know that you can make it through any trial any affliction anything that is put in your path. Just turn to him and he will help you through. I know this to be true. I love you all so much and you are all in my prayers constantly! I love you!!!
Love your sister Davis :)

Monday, June 9, 2014


My dear friends and family!

How are you all doing this week? It is so fantastic to be a missionary at this time. Miracles happen all day everyday. One thing that i love about this gospel is we never stop learning. We are never done, there is always something to be learned. 

Some wise counsel i got from one of the very wise sisters in my mission and this is something to really think about. She was asked one time "Which way do you face?" she was a little confused by the question and she answered and said "I face up towards God." then the person asking the question said again "Which way do you face? Do you face God representing the people or do you face the people representing God?" I love that and it is an easy way to keep ourselves in check with the actions we do everyday. I hope to always be facing the people representing God. 

We also went to a training on Thursday. It was fantastic. We are always told that this is the Lords work and we cant do it without him. Which is so true. That is what we talked a lot about at the training is constantly turning to the Lord. One way we find people is by talking to everyone. This is something i really struggle with. I sometimes just feel so awkward just randomly walking up to people and talking to them. But as i have been told many times before "God is not concerned about our comfort only our growth."  But at this training the elder giving the training was like "When you see someone and you are going to talk to them just glance up turn to the Lord and say "you're gonna help me right?" and the Lord will be there to help you every time" As i have done that it not only helps me feel that i am not alone in my awkwardness, but that this truly is the Lords work and he truly is there with you every step of the way. I am so thankful to have so many great leaders and examples to look up to. I love the things i am learning. I can truly see how every little thing i learn on my mission will help me in my role as a wife and a  mother one day. 

Just a little joke. The other day we were at the church having a linger longer and i was playing with a little girl there giving her hi fives and such and then she ran off and wanted nothing to do with me. Well one of the members saw what happened and he was like "She just ran away from you" and jokingly i said "Yeah sometimes i have that effect on people." Haha then we both started laughing. That was one of those moments when i didnt think before i spoke.

I absolutely love this work. My companion asked me the other day what keeps me going. I replied, my family and the fact that there is someone out there that i am sent here for and i gotta find them. Some days are harder than others but i remind myself everyday is a good day especially when  your on the Lords errand. Thank you for all your love and prayers. I love you all stay strong and remember who you are and what you stand for :) LOVE YOU!!!

Love your Sister Davis :) 
P.S. sorry if my stories dont make sense... sometimes they are just "had to be there moments" :) 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Pray for others relieves our own stresses

Our apartment was so hot we decided
to plan in the fridge. 
My dearest family and friends!!

I love you all so much!! This week has been great. We are continuing to learn so many things. Last night we had the opportunity to eat at our ward mission leaders home. We absolutely love him and his family. He is such a hard worker and supports the missionaries in all of their efforts. Anyway, we had lasagna. I absolutely love lasagna. I have had so much lasagna on my mission you would think i would get tired of it. But it never fails it always tastes so good. I never knew it could be made in so many different ways. Besides the point of the Lasagna being so good the other sisters that were there as well gave this fantastic lesson to all of us. They talked about how praying for others relieves our own stresses that we feel. So last night i knelt down to say my prayers and i decided to pray only for others. Can i just tell you when i started praying for my family i just felt this overpowering love flood into my heart. I am so grateful for all of you and i love you all so so much!! 

We have been working a lot on finding new people to teach this week. Our mission president was inspired that every area in the mission will baptize a family in the month of June. So we are trying super hard to find our family. We have found some great potentials but now we just got to make it happen. I know we can do it with the grace of God. 

Funny thing that happened this week... we saw these people in our apartment complex so we decided to go over and start talking to them. Well they were hispanic and knew hardly any English. Well i hardly know any Spanish anymore and so we gave them a card when they saw the card was in English they asked for a Spanish one... we dont have any Spanish cards. Haha oh goodness it was a rough situation. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity that i have to serve a mission. I am learning so many things  that i will be able to use in my future family. I know Jesus Christ is our savior. I know he lives. He carries us through all the things we go through in life. But not only does he do that but he also rejoices in the joy we feel when we are happy. I know that he helps us be successful in the things we each try to accomplish each day and it is through him that we can make it happen. I love this work and i love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! I love you all so much and pray for you always! Stay strong!!

Love your sister Davis :)