Monday, December 23, 2013


It all started on July 28, 2013 when the stake president, President Meyer, pushed the send button on his computer. It was Kirsten’s application to serve a full time mission.

I was a little unsure about her serving a mission; she has a strong testimony, loves to go on adventures and meet new people but sleeping away from home doesn’t come easy for her.

On Wednesday, August 14, 2013 her mission call arrived in the mail. She was so excited. Kirsten invited many friends and family over to take a guess where she is going and to watch her open her mission call. She reads: "Dear Sister Davis:
You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Ohio Cincinnati mission."

She is to report to the MTC on December 18, 2013. WHAT?? December 18, one week before Christmas, I guess there is no time being wasted for hastening the work in the mission field!!

Her mission includes a little bit of Michigan, far East Indiana, south west corner of Ohio, and the far north tip of Kentucky. She thinks this is a prime opportunity to check off four more states for her "50 States 50 Flips" bucket list item. She has mentioned to me many times I hope my mission president will let me flip in a dress:)

I have always loved shopping for my girls until shopping for a sister missionary and now I was wishing it was two suits, eight white shirts and ten ties, instead of eight outfits. After the purchase of a couple outfits it got a little easier; adding a scarf and a jacket to change the look.

Kirsten entered the Logan Temple on October 4, 2013. Many friends and family attended the temple with us, including McKenlee, Brigette, and Braxton doing baptisms for the dead.

Kirsten’s farewell was on December 15, 2013 and her sister, McKenlee was the youth speaker. Mckenlee talked on personal progress, tying missionary work and her best friend and sister into her talk. She talked about how personal progress, setting goals, and reading your scriptures helps you become more like Christ. She said her sister Kirsten was the most virtuous women she knows and she is like a glowing temple beautiful. McKenlee shared a quote by President Ezra Taft Benson, "Give me a young woman who loves home and family, who reads and ponders the scriptures daily, who has a burning testimony of the Book of Mormon. Give me a young woman who faithfully attends her church meetings, who is a seminary graduate, who has earned her Young Womanhood Recognition Award and wears it with pride! Give me a young woman who is virtuous and who has maintained her personal purity, who will not settle for less than a temple marriage, and I will give you a young woman who will perform miracles for the Lord now and throughout eternity."

Kirsten talked on Joy. She shared a story her institute teacher shared in class. The father was trying to get a hold of his daughter she wasn’t replying. Finally he received a text that said "Dad I am okay. I am having fun and I love you." The father said it brought much joy to him to receive that text from his daughter he then asked the class when was the last time we told our Heavenly Father I am okay, I am having fun and I love you. Kirsten said how she pondered that thought for a while and then said "I am blessed with friends and family and talents that make life so fun and it all comes from him. I love you. You are my Father my creator and my best friend. I have joy in my life because my Heavenly Father blesses me with it. I would love to bring that joy to him as he has brought to me by simply saying those three things to him."

Kirsten also shared how Elder Meyerhoffer told her "A mission is the best two years FOR your life."

It wouldn’t be a farewell if there wasn’t food. I have many family and friends to thank for helping me with preparing food, helping in the kitchen, setting up and decorating tables, and just being there to support my little family.

During Kirsten’s preparation for her mission that I have come to realize how many life’s she has touched. Hopefully Kirsten can make a difference in the people she will work with in Ohio.

December 17, we went to Great Grandma Meyerhoffer’s Home for Kirsten’s setting apart. She had her close family and friends present and all of the Stake Presidency. Her blessing was given by President Meyer, it was a great comfort for me as I hope it was for Kirsten. She was given may promises and blessing in her missionary efforts.

December 18, MTC Day. I have never been so scared, excited, proud and sad all at the same time. I don’t know if there are words to describe how I felt. Goodbye are never easy:( I cry in movies when people have to say goodbye.

We had family prayer and then off to Jeremiah’s for breakfast.

We stopped off at the Provo Temple and took a few pictures then across the street to the Provo MTC. I looked at the clock when we arrived at the MTC it was 12:41 she didn’t need to be there till 12:45 and being the selfish person that I am, I took my sweet time at the curbside drop off. I told her I loved her, held on to her for a minute then gave her a hug and let her go. She is in good hands.

Todd, McKenlee and I all cried ourselves to sleep that night.

I want to hear from Kirsten, all I need is an, I’m fine Mom! But the mail doesn’t travel as fast as I would like, so now I guess I will just wait.....

......a letter email

......something, anything

......still waiting

I guess I will be learning patience!!!

Friday, December 20, Todd, McKenlee, and I all received an email from her, all three said the same thing. We were kind of bummed I didn’t think missionaries did the copy and paste the same letter to everyone till about half way through their mission. The letter wasn’t long but just enough to calm a mother’s heart. She seemed okay a little homesick (I’m not surprised) but she is okay.

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