Monday, June 9, 2014


My dear friends and family!

How are you all doing this week? It is so fantastic to be a missionary at this time. Miracles happen all day everyday. One thing that i love about this gospel is we never stop learning. We are never done, there is always something to be learned. 

Some wise counsel i got from one of the very wise sisters in my mission and this is something to really think about. She was asked one time "Which way do you face?" she was a little confused by the question and she answered and said "I face up towards God." then the person asking the question said again "Which way do you face? Do you face God representing the people or do you face the people representing God?" I love that and it is an easy way to keep ourselves in check with the actions we do everyday. I hope to always be facing the people representing God. 

We also went to a training on Thursday. It was fantastic. We are always told that this is the Lords work and we cant do it without him. Which is so true. That is what we talked a lot about at the training is constantly turning to the Lord. One way we find people is by talking to everyone. This is something i really struggle with. I sometimes just feel so awkward just randomly walking up to people and talking to them. But as i have been told many times before "God is not concerned about our comfort only our growth."  But at this training the elder giving the training was like "When you see someone and you are going to talk to them just glance up turn to the Lord and say "you're gonna help me right?" and the Lord will be there to help you every time" As i have done that it not only helps me feel that i am not alone in my awkwardness, but that this truly is the Lords work and he truly is there with you every step of the way. I am so thankful to have so many great leaders and examples to look up to. I love the things i am learning. I can truly see how every little thing i learn on my mission will help me in my role as a wife and a  mother one day. 

Just a little joke. The other day we were at the church having a linger longer and i was playing with a little girl there giving her hi fives and such and then she ran off and wanted nothing to do with me. Well one of the members saw what happened and he was like "She just ran away from you" and jokingly i said "Yeah sometimes i have that effect on people." Haha then we both started laughing. That was one of those moments when i didnt think before i spoke.

I absolutely love this work. My companion asked me the other day what keeps me going. I replied, my family and the fact that there is someone out there that i am sent here for and i gotta find them. Some days are harder than others but i remind myself everyday is a good day especially when  your on the Lords errand. Thank you for all your love and prayers. I love you all stay strong and remember who you are and what you stand for :) LOVE YOU!!!

Love your Sister Davis :) 
P.S. sorry if my stories dont make sense... sometimes they are just "had to be there moments" :) 

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