Monday, November 17, 2014

Kirsten's 20th Birthday, Kirsten didn't title this one so I did it for her :)

My best buddy on my mission :)

Hey all you wonderful beautiful handsome friends and family :)

This week has been a wonderful week. First off I want to thank you for the birthday cards and gifts :) it was such a treat to open them today. I love you all so much!  

look at all the leaves here
I have just learned a whole bunch this week! One of my "visions" for myself by the end of my mission is to more fully recognize the promptings of the spirit. This week we had the opportunity to have a general authority come and tour our mission and he talked a lot about the spirit and the different roles of it. After that I really tried to really focus on the spirit as I prayed and as I went through my day. It is amazing the closeness you feel to your Heavenly Father as you do that. I love my Heavenly Father so much! I know we are all sons and daughters of him. In a very literal sense. I know this with all the fiber of my being I could never deny it. I hope you all know that too. He loves you! He wants to see you succeed. He will do all he can to help you fulfill your dreams as you work hard and turn to him :)

This week I am having a hard time thinking of a big funny thing that happened. Lots of funny things  happen throughout the week. But just little joys in doing the work that we can laugh about. I have found that is one of the best cures for those hard times we all experience. Prayer and laughter! It is so much easier to smile than to frown. Just do your best to be happy and remember everything happens for a reason! Keep stayin strong and know that i love you all so so much! You are in my prayers :) Love you!

i was just hangin at a
members house last night ;)
Love your sister Davis :)

Less actives dog reading the scriptures.

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