Monday, November 10, 2014

Miracles always follow after the trial of your faith!

Sister Lane & Sister Davis
Holy cow! I just love this gospel so much! Heavenly Father knows exactly what he is doin! That is one of the greatest lessons to learn i think to just rely fully on our Father in Heaven.

So i told you all about the lady we were teaching who said her parents werent gonna let her be baptized... well we told her to keep prayin and we would keep prayin as well. Well this week we went to another lesson with her and she came down and told us that her parents are gonna let her be baptized and come to church. She said they finally realize how important this is to her. That was a miracle everyone! God truly hears and answers prayers. I have seen that so much on my mission. He doesnt always answer them exactly how you think he will but sometimes he does and those are the most noticable times but the real challenge is to see how he answers your prayers when it is not exactly what you ask for. Isnt that intersesting? Maybe that can be a challenge for all of us to try and see how God answers your prayers each day when it is not exactly what you ask for, cause i know no matter what he does answer prayers :)

Okay so my funny story for the week. Well we went to help this lady clean her house.... it was.... interesting. So she has been known to have bugs in her home like an uncontrollable amount of bugs. So we took precautions and sprayed oursleves with rubbing alcohol before and after we helped but when we got home something we had been told to do is undress and put our clothes in a bag and throw them directly in the dryer. Luckily we live with a member so she had a garage so we were able to undress in there. But unfortunately the members cleaning lady was there so we yelled inside and told her not to look as we ran downstairs in our underwear... she was a good sport about it and totally understood. But it was kinda funny. Maybe it was a had to be there moment but so far we have been good and havent gotten any bed bugs... knock on wood :)

Also another funny moment is we have been trying to see this one member ever since we got here and we seemed to always go when she wasnt home... well that is what we thought. So we were talking to this other member and she told us to try and go see this lady again. Well we told that member that we can never catch her home she was like you know that she lives in an apartment. And we were like no the door we have been knocking on is a house door... so we doubled checked the address and it was the right address. Then we realized that we had been knocking on the front door to the apartment complex... no wonder no one was answering the door.... it was kinda embarrassing but funny too. So now we know we have to go inside that door. Even though i am on a mission i guess i am still entitled to my little blonde moments.

Well i hope all is going well with you all. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep staying strong. Know that your Heavenly Father loves you so much and is watching over you. I love you all so much!
Love your sister Davis :)

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