Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 has begun :)

We are out for a district fun day!
Bowling and bbq!
Love your missionaries :)
Hey all you wonderful beautiful and handsome family and friends of mine :) 

I love you all so much and hope you all had a fun safe new year. We definitely did! I set a record for the time i went to bed on new years eve. We were in bed by 9:50! Earliest i have been to bed i think my whole life on new years. But we were exhausted :) haha We had to be in by six and couldnt leave our apartment until three the next day cause of all the crazy things that happen on new years. But our mission president put together a packet thing for us to do while we were inside. It was really neat he had us set goals for what we wanted to become by the end of our missions, what kind of marriage we want, what kind of home we want, and visions for our lives pretty much. It was awesome. I have never felt so prepared going into a new year as i do this one. :) 

So a couple funny things that have happened this week....

First last night we were eating at a members home and she made such a delicious dinner. But she put a ton of vegetables on my plate. There was like zucchini, and broccli, and cauliflower and carrots (which are not bad) and stuff like that. So i grabbed some salt and put it on there thinkin it would taste better with that. Well i could still taste the stuff so i put a little more and a little more on them and then i took another bite and choked a little cause the salt was so strong. So i quit with the salt and just ate them anyway. It was kinda funny but she didnt notice... well i hope she didnt notice.

The other funny thing that happened this week... we went to teach our investigator and we took a male member with us. She is wanting to be baptized so bad but just cant quit some of her addictions that she has and she is living with her boyfriend who is a less active member. He never will come and sit in on the lessons with her. So we took this male member in with us and start talkin and once her boyfriend heard that other males voice he was in there in a snap and participating and everything. We thought it was so funny and everytime we would ask him a question the investigator would chuckle a little and be like "Yeah get him" haha it was so funny. We were crackin up after that lesson. She thought it was pretty funny too that he came out when the male member was there she said that he told her after we left that he was just protecting her but we were all like Uh huh sure he was ;) 

Okay now for the amazing things that happened. We had an awesome experience with one of our newer investigators. The other sisters had been teaching him previously but just wasnt progressing so they didnt see him much. But we went back and he met with us and seems so sincere now. We talked about the restoration and he thought it was amazing. He talked about how he missed his mom cause she had passed away a while ago. The member that we took with us had just recently lost her mom and bore a powerful testimony on how they will see their moms again. He said he wanted that so bad. Then he came to church yesterday! It was so awesome!!! 

This week we were so busy and by yesterday we hadnt found very many people. We needed to increase our teching pool so we planned to whole day to go and see potentials and former people who had studied with missionaries and by the grace of God we found four new people to teach. It was so wonderful!! I love my mission and all the miracle we see everyday! This gospel is truly a gospel of miracles. We see them everyday! I love everything i am learning and i am so grateful to have so much support back home. I love you guys and pray for you always. Keep staying strong :) 
Love your sister Davis :)

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