Monday, April 21, 2014

I love you all!!! :)

Hey everyone!!! 

This week was spectacular. First I will start off with the funny things that happened this week. I am learning the best medicine for stress is just to laugh as hard as you can. So first off... we went to an adult Easter egg hunt that one of our investigators invited us to. The funny thing about that was that in the Easter eggs were lottery tickets... so Sister Herndon and I ended up with a whole bunch of one dollar lottery tickets. I know it is not that much money but i just thought it was ironic two missionaries gabbling. Then another funny story, we are working on finding a whole bunch of people to teach which requires us to talk to everyone. So we were walking along the street and there was this guy on a riding lawn mower and i turned to Sister Herndon and smiled and walked over to the guy. Unfortunately his back was towards me so i was trying to get his attention but he couldnt hear me. Finally i got his attention but that was a rough situation. Then we were talking to this other guy and he was like "are you girls sellin somethin?" and sister Herndon replied with "No... I wish... it would be a lot easier." Haha after that i asked her if she realized what she said and she said no she didnt then we just laughed about it... sorry if these stories dont make sense or maybe they were kinda had to be there moments. Then the last funny story was we were talking to this guy and he asked what we thought would happen to all the good people who havent had the opportunity to know Jesus Christ and His gospel and sister Herndon replied with "Well we know everyone will have the opportunity to accept the gospel and today is your day you may get another chance or you may not." That was another one of those where she didnt realize what she was saying and we just had to laugh about it. 

Now for the great miracles we saw this week. So we are teaching this family. A mom and two of her daughters so far. She has a husband that we havent met yet and a son. But the first time we were there the mom just completely opened up to us and the spirit was so strong there. The relationship between the mom and the daughters reminded me a lot of the the relationship me and my mom have. The love in the room was so strong. The family seems super close just like my family. How blessed we are to be put on this earth in families to love and care for. 

The other amazing thing that happened, we were visiting a less active lady in our branch and we asked her if she would read the Book of Mormon everyday and she said she would but not this night because she was way to tired and we were like it just has to be one verse. She was like okay one verse and grabbed her Book of Mormon and randomly opened it and picked a random verse which was Alma 31:5. Read it! Holy cow it was so powerful and spoke right to her. She was even amazed at how awesome of an experience that was. We all left there just smiling with our testimonies burning that much brighter. Spending Easter away from my family has strengthened my testimony of the Savior and His atonement and His resurrection. I know that He did that so we could all live again as a family. I know this church is the one and only true church on earth today and it is such an honor to be working side by side with the Lord spreading that message. I love you all so so much and know you are all in my prayers. LOVE YOU!!! 

Love your sister Davis :) 

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