Monday, April 28, 2014

Missionary adventures :)

My dearest family and friends, 

I hope all is going well for you back home!! This week has been quite the adventure. I will start with the funny thing that happened this week. First off we were knocking on this door and just a little back ground in this area everyone and their dog has a dog but this situation was unusual. So we knock on this door and we hear all this barking and this lady answers our door so we start small talking with her and ask her how many dogs she has... Does anyone want to guess how many dogs she had?? 10!!! She has ten dogs... yes they are all in her house... well to make it even better, we go back later in the week and her son is sitting outside with a snake! His pet snake and to make that even better he had three more in the house. I did hold the snake. It was... gross!! This last week we had two chapel tours. It was awesome! But we had the elderly couple take us there and drop us off cause we only get so many miles on the car each month. But anyway we were stranded at the church and we were praying so hard that this family would show up and they did so that was a miracle. But after that we had an hour until bible study at the church so we decided to take that as our dinner hour... so we went searching through the church trying to find some food and all that we could find was bread, eggs, and butter... so we made egg in a cup. A specialty of sister Herndon's it was delicious. It is an egg cooked in a cup in the microwave. A really amazing miracle this week. We are teaching this less actives unbaptized child and last week we extended a baptism date to them and it went awful. They told us no right off but then when we went back this last week the mom was like ya know i have been thinking about baptism and i got the program planned out. It was awesome!! Then we extended a date again and they accepted it.Wahoo!! It was fantastic!! Lastly we had branch conference this last week. and the messages were awesome. They talked a lot about how our trials are specific to us. It is so true. Each trial we each are faced with helps us grow in the way Heavenly Father needs us to. Those trials we are faced with makes us into the sons and daughter of God that He has intended us to be. I can see that more as i continue to learn to call upon Him every day!! Thank goodness for the knowledge of the gospel we have. I love each of you oh so much!!! Have a fantastic safe week!! You are in my prayers! :) 
Love your Sister Davis :)

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