Monday, July 7, 2014

Sending love from Indiana! :)

My dearest family and wonderful friends! I love you all so so much!

I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July! We had a great time. A whole bunch of missionaries got together at a park and we drew a big picture of the Plan of Salvation and then as people came to the park for fireworks we talked to them about it. It was so awesome. I will send some pictures home :) 

We also had a zone meeting this week. It was fantastic. Our leaders are so inspired. It is so amazing how you can go to a training and it is exactly what you need at that time. We talked a lot about inviting people to be baptized and how Satan works at us. They also talked about how royal we as children of God are. We each are so special to him and he loves each of us. We each have something to accomplish on this earth and that something is something great. I hope each of you know that. 

So this week we had a great lesson with on of our investigators. He is a Buddhist... well he is kinda a Buddhist. He used to live in Arizona and worked with a whole bunch of Mormons. He has read the book of mormon and he says he knows it is true he is 81 years old and says that he doesnt think he wants to change but has seriously thought about being baptized. He told us that if he was to become a Christian he would be Mormon. Haha he is a character :) 

We had a neat experience the other day. We were trying to find a member to fellowship one of our investigators and so i was praying and asking Heavenly Father who would be a good fellowshipper for our investigator. As i was praying this name popped into my head and it was someone who we had never asked to come with us before to an appointment. So we gave her a call and after we explained the investigators situation to her she was the perfect match. It was so awesome. I cannot testify to you enough that God truly hears and answers our prayers! 

Okay and one last story, we were in a place called hidden valley yesterday. We cant proselyte in there so we were just visiting some members but anyway this random girl came up to us and was like are you missionaries? and we were like yeah and she was like "oh my goodness i just love missionaries half of my family is mormon can i just give you a hug?" haha it was so funny i wish everyones reaction was like that when we knocked on their door ;) 

Well i best get going. Sorry this was a tad bit short. Stay strong and know that i love you so so much!!

Love your sister Davis :) 

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