Monday, August 11, 2014

Gods Grace!! Companion Sister Wight, Pocatello Idaho

Sister Palmer & Sister Davis

two of my best friends i have made on my mission!! 
I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. I love you guys so much and i am so thankful for all the love and support i receive from you all!! 

This week was so fantastic. The first week in the new transfer. This is my sixth one. Holy cow i think the time is starting to fly by. 

Sister Davis & Sister Herndon
So my funny moment for the week. We were outside walking around and talking to people and we stopped to talk to this young man and we were talking and all the sudden we heard the ice cream truck. He asked us if we wanted an ice cream... considering it was pretty hot outside we did not deny that offer so he bought us an ice cream from the ice cream truck and he agreed to a return appointment to learn more about the gospel. So we got and ice cream and a new investigator all in one swoop :) 

My new companion is so fantastic. She has so many new, great ideas to help the people here.  Something that we have been doing is singing to people. haha i am not a very good singer but it is fun and it is amazing how the spirit is still able to touch the peoples hearts even with my squeaky voice singing ;) All i can do is smile though while we are singing but maybe the more we do it the better our voices will sound... i dont know it is just a thought. The other thing we have been using more of is mormon messages. It is amazing how powerful those short little 2 minute videos are. My favorite one right now that we have been sharing is the one about the current bush. It is called the will of God on If you guys get a chance you should totally check it out. It is so amazing. It reminds us that God has an even greater purpose for us here on earth. He has so much for each of us to accomplish. I love my Heavenly Father so much and i am learning to put my trust in him more. We had the stake patriarch come and give a fireside on patriarchal blessings. It was amazing what he shared about them. I truly know that our patriarchal blessings are to help us better understand who we are in Gods eyes. It truly helps us have a vision on what we want to accomplish in this live and the life after. It helps us set goals and gives us something to strive for. He quoted Alice in Wonderland "If you dont kow where you want to go it doesnt matter which path you take" Our patriarchal blessings help us to know where we want to go and what we want to strive to accomplish. Something that my mission presidents wife challenged me to do at the begging of my mission is to take my patriarchal blessing and read it and write all the "I am's" write down everything that your blessing says you are. Then write down all the "I will's" write down everything that your blessing says you will do or accomplish. Then write down the "I wont's" write down the warnings your blessing gives you. I would challenge those of you that have them to do that. You get a totally new perspective of who you are and what you are to become and what path God has layed out for you. 

I will just close this week with my testimony. I know that my savior lives. I know he loves us and carries us through everyday. He knows us personally. I know that he has provided us a way to return to live with him and it is through the restored gospel on the earth. It is through that restored gospel and power of the priesthood that we can be a family forever and live together in the eternities. I love you guys so much!!! You are always in my prayers. Stay strong :)
Love your sister Davis :)

Notes from Mom: I just want to echo Sister Davis words on the love and support you have all sent our way.  I'm so thankful for supporting family and friends who love us.  This has been the hardest thing I have ever done but knowing that Kirsten is working hard to spread the gospel and learning so much I wouldn't want her to be doing anything else.  Her strength, obedience, determination and testimony has grown.  Thank you for your constant prayers, letters and love.

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