Monday, August 4, 2014

Stayin in Indiana! :)

A turtle we found on the road.
My dearest family and friends,

Oh my how i love you all so so much!! 

Us and the sister training leaders :)
Sister Blackburn, Sister Farr, Sister ?, Sister Davis
This week has been great. We are teaching this Buddhist guy. He is 81 years old and i just love him. He is amazing. He worked with a whole bunch of members when he lived in Arizona... (i cant remember if i have already wrote home about this or not. The weeks just kinda blend together) But anyway He knows so much about the church. His wife passed away about 12 years ago. When we first started teaching him he was like there is no way that i will change. I am too old and such and such. But we told him to start reading the Book of Mormon again (because he has already read it once.) and his heart totally softened. Now he says i will eventually be baptized... the next step is to get him to say i will be baptized haha but it will come. He just needs to keep reading. The Book of Mormon is so powerful. I know that little book is so true. 

My district
I had an awesome study this morning and i want to share what i learned through the spirit with all of you. I was actually studying about the spirit in Preach my Gospel. It was talking a lot about how we need to rely on the Lord when we are making decisions but to also make decisions and trust our decisions and trust that the Lord will let us know if that decision is not the right one. There was a quote from Dallin H Oaks that said "Personal decision making is one of the sources of growth we are meant to experience in mortality" I love that quote and that is something that i definately have had to learn on my mission. I was given a blessing at the beginning of my mission and in the blessing it said to converse with the Lord but not in all things. At first that really confused me but now i get it. The Lord teaches us the things we need to know and then he trusts us that we will make the right decisions from what we have been taught. Of course he wont let us travel off the path without letting us know but he does trust that we can make the right decisions. Thank goodness for the atonement of Jesus Christ so that when we dont make the right decision we can be forgiven and learn from what we did. But that was my revelation that i received from my studies. :) 
The fantastic Baumgardner Family :)

Okay and this is just for my dad :) haha and all you other hunters that this is getting sent to. We were on our way home from the church on Wednesday and I saw three buck deer running up the hill. It was awesome and i instantly thought of my dad :) oh man good times :) 

Beautiful Indiana sunsets :) 
Something funny that happened haha we were at a members house getting ready to eat dinner and i was playing with one of the little kids and i think one of the other little kids got jealous and came over and hit me right in the bum. The poor little girl got in trouble. I thought it was funny that she did that but then i felt bad that she got in trouble. Her mom made her apologize to me... it was just rough haha. 

But things are going good here. I hope all is going well back at home and i hope you all know that you are in my prayers. One more good quote... "Ordinary people who do right before God will bring forth extrordinary results."

We are all ordinary people but as we do right before God we will all do extrordinary things :) 


Love your sister Davis :)

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