Monday, February 9, 2015

Miracles at church!!

Sometimes we shoot the elders with marshmellows ;) 
You all are just so wonderful and fantastic and i just love you so much! My goodness i feel like it was not that long ago since i was emailing you all last Monday. The days and the weeks are just flying by! It is insane!

So this week my companion and i wanted to hit a triple double so bad. Which is 10 people at church 10 new investigators and 10 member presents. We had a ton of meetings this week and were relying a lot on God to be able to make it happen. So by Friday night we had 10 committed to come to church on Sunday. Then Saturday morning two of them cancelled. So we spent the whole day trying to commit two more people to come to church with us. Around 8 o clock we still had not been able to find anyone. We had one more appointment for the night and we were just praying that we could get two more. So we went into this appointment and the lady that we were teaching her daughter was there. The previous sisters had been teaching her but she hadnt been there any other time we had come by to teach her mom. So we sat down to teach her mom and her mom was like you are coming to church with me tomorrow. So there was one person out of the two that we needed to find. We had an awesome lesson with them. Then when we were headin out we ran into this guy that we had talked to before and so we went over to talk to him again. Before we could get anything out of our mouths the member that was with us was like "Hey do you want to come to church with us?" and he was like "Yes" Number two right there. It was a miracle! So we go to church the next day and the mom and her daughter show up to church and another investigator that we hadnt seen that week showed up. So we had three at church. Then we get a text from the member that was supposed to pick the other guy up saying that he cant find him. So we are sittin in sacrament meeting and all the sudden our phone starts vibrating and it is the guy so we didnt know what to do and our mission president has asked us not to leave the meetings so we whisper to the member sitting next to us if they could run answer our phone. Luckily it was the member that was with us that invited him to church. So she was out talking to him in the hall then the member that was supposed to bring him to church shows up and comes and sits by us and says that he couldnt find him. Then we get our phone brought back to us by a little girl we didnt know where the member went. So we wait a little bit then all the sudden the member shows up with the guy. So we got four people at church. Which  was a lot better than last week and it was truly by the grace of God that it all happened. Everyone else had their excuses but this next week we are gonna try again. We can resolve the concerns that the other people had and work really hard to get all ten there. It is amazing what happens when you are working with God. 

Okay so we got our car all cleaned up. Haha that took forever to get all the mud off of it. Luckily the car wash people let us go through the car wash twice. But we went back to this house on Wednesday to teach the guy whose yard we tore up. HE IS SO AWESOME!!! He has such a sincere desire to learn. He wants so badly to know how to keep his family safe and strong in this world. He has one little girl who is five and she is going into Kindergarten next year and he said he is scared for her. He said that previous to our visit he had been pondering on the things we shared with him when we first met him. We are going back this Wednesday again to teach him. We are so excited. And we are trying to figure out how to fix the yard still but it will all work out. :) 

Man i wish i could explain to you all the feelings that i have about how much i know this work and this church is truly ran by God. But there are seriously no words that can describe it. I know with all my heart that Joseph Smith is truly a prophet of God. I know that we have a prophet on the earth today. I know the priesthood has been restored and with that comes the power to seal and bind our families together and to God. I am so grateful for this church and i pray that each of you will know and feel of the truthfulness as well. Keep being the fantastic people you are. I love you all so so much!!! 

Love your sister Davis :)

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