Monday, February 2, 2015

We went muddin ;)

These are our rescuers. 

this is our muddin experience :) 
Wow! What a week we have had :) You are all just so fantastic and i hope you know that! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!

Sister Davis & Sister Hatch
Okay so i got to start off with the funniest story that happened to us last night. So we were having a really rough day. We had struggled getting people to come to church and we just were having a hard day. So last night it was about 8:30 and we had a member out with us contacting some people. It was a little rainy and a little snowy. But we pulled up to this house that sister Hatch felt prompted to knock on. So we pulled in and pulled up to the side of the cars. We were in the grass but it looked like cars had parked there before. We went up and knocked and talked to this guy. He was so nice and agreed to let us come back and teach his family. So it was all well and we were super excited especially after the struggle we were having earlier. So the member we were with took off to our next appointment and we were going to follow him but as i was backing out our tires started spinning in the mud. So my companion told me to drive forward a little bit and back out straighter. So i did but once again our tires started spinning in the mud. So the neighbors yard and the yard we were in connected so we were like oh lets just drive straight out... well that was not a good idea either cause when we put it in drive to try and drive forward we realized it was our front wheel that was stuck and spinnin. Those good'ol front wheel drive cars. So my companion and i decided to switch spots and she got in the drivers seat and i got out and started pushing the car. But it was no good we just kept sinking in the mud. Then to make matters worse i heard police sirens and it freaked me out and i ran and jumped in the car and yelled "The police are coming!" Then my companion started freaking out and we were just screaming and laughing in the car. While all this is going on we were on the phone with the zone leaders cause we needed help. They were laughing at us and didnt think we were serious they thought we were joking with them. So we called a member and they came and tried to help push us out. In the mean time the member we were with came back cause we never showed up to the appointment we were going to. Also the zone leaders came and found us. Well the member we had called to come and help us had parked in front of someone else's house. Well the house that she parked in front of called the cops cause there was a car parked in front of their house. So the cops came to look at the car so the member ran over there and told them how we were stuck in the mud so the cop came over and flipped on his light plus another cop came and flipped on his lights. So by this time we had the two zone leaders there, two members there and two cops there plus sister Hatch and me. So we had this big commotion going on in the front yard of these peoples house that we had just met and they had no idea cause they had been down stairs watching the super bowl. So sister Hatch and i went and told them what happened. Luckily they were nice and laughed at us too. Well we could not get the car out no matter how many of us were pushin. So one of the members called another member to come and see if they could get us out. The cops told us that we would probably have to call a tow and then they left. Then the zone leaders had to go and report some numbers so they left. Then the other member showed up with his truck so the first member we called went home to put her boys to bed. So it was us and two other members plus one of the members little boys. The member decided to hook our car up to his truck and pull us out. But we were so stuck it took the truck pulling and the other three people pushing and one person in the drivers seat steering. We did eventually get out. We have mud everywhere all over our coats all over our car... inside and out. Plus to make it even better the place we got stuck in was freshly planted grass. By the time we got home it was 9:30. We were exhausted.  We decided that will be an awesome conversion story for that family haha ;) What a night. But it was good cause we needed a good laugh ;) 

car teaching :)

Okay now for our amazing experience we had this week. So this member gave us a referral of his friend to go and contact so we did and she said we could come back. Well when we went back she said her house was a mess so we couldnt come inside and we didnt have much time anyway so we were standing out on her door step and decided to give her a quick restoration lesson. She was listening and truly taking it all in. Then we recited the first vision. She just started crying! She told us that she couldnt wait for the day to see Jesus again. She told us that she feels that the day is coming that he will return. We told her that what we share will help her prepare for that day. She told us that we could come back and that she would have the house clean so we could come in and sit down and talk. It was a miracle! The spirit was so strong and she was able to feel it and be touched by it. The church is so TRUE!!! 

I do have to say that the spirit is so amazing! Everytime we have the opportunity to share the story about Joseph Smith and testify of him i just feel this peace and happiness. I know it is so true. I know Joseph Smith restored this church. I know we have a living prophet on the earth today and i know that the priesthood is here on the earth and what a great blessing that is. I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ who wants to see us succeed in life. They walk with us. I KNOW IT!!! I have felt them. I know we have angels all around us helping us and protecting us. I know our loved ones arent that far from us. Keep going everyone. Keep enduring. The blessings we all have ahead of us are worth more than any momentary happiness that we would find here on earth. FAMILIES ARE FOREVER!!! I love you all so so much!

Love your sister Davis :)

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