Monday, February 16, 2015

What a week! :)

Hey all you wonderful family and friends! You are all just so fantastic and i love you so much i hope you know!
My flip by the ohio sign!
It was dark so it is hard to see. 

we found a random pig in the hollars of
Kentucky on exchanges :) 
This week we had quite the experience. It truly just strengthened my testimony though. So we had this investigator that the previous sisters had been teaching for a while. They used to be Jehovah witness then they left that church. This was like years ago. They then prayed and asked God if there was a true church to have them come to their door. The next day missionaries came and knocked on the door. But they still have not joined the church and they have been meeting with missionaries for like 20 years. But anyway before i got here they apparently asked the sisters for geological evidence that the Book of Mormon was true. They told them that there was no evidence except for the Book of Mormon. That wasnt good enough for them. We hadnt seen them in a while because they had some things going on and they were out of town and such. So the other day we decided to drop back by and this was my first time meeting them and he answered the door and said that we could not talk until we got him evidence that the Book was true. So we left and decided to give him a Book of Mormon with a sticky note on it that said "We can not give you evidence only God can" We put it in an envelope and left it on their door step. Well as we were walking away we ran into this guy... come to find out he was a less active that we had never met before that we had been looking for. He lives right next door to this investigator that we took the Book of Mormon to. So we talked to him and he was like come visit with me for a minute and we were like okay so we were following him back to his house when all the sudden this investigators wife comes outside (we were teaching her too) and just starts ripping us a new one. They were yelling and getting so mad at us. We had no idea what was wrong with what we did. So this less active was like get into my house just ignore her. So we go inside his house and we can hear her outside just flippin out. Well then she started knocking on her neighbors doors and telling them what awful people we were and such. We had never seen so many people outside in that courtyard before. She was like getting these people all riled up and everything. The less active was trying to talk to us but we were so distracted with what this lady was doing outside. So he was like come back on Saturday and visit with me and my family. Then he said i will walk you out cause by this time there were a whole bunch of people out there. So he went out first and we followed closely behind him and as soon as we stepped outside it just went silent... and everyone was just staring at us. It was so sickening. Then when we got to our car this less active looked at us and i will never forget the power that came in the words he said to us next he said "You guys just keep going you know what you know and you just keep believing it." That was so powerful. Simple words but they had a power to them. The spirit at that point testified to me once again that what we are sharing with people is so true. There may not be any physical evidence that the Book of Mormon is true or that Joseph Smith truly did see our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and restored the church but i know it because of the witness to me from the spirit. I could never deny the truthfulness of it. 

We are getting excited for these next couple weeks. We have an investigator that is preparing to be baptized on the 28th. Her son and daughter have already been baptized and have had such a great influence on her. They are just amazing! She has been smoke free for 11 days now. We call her every morning at 6:30 and say a prayer with her to help give her strength to withstand the temptation during the day. It is so awesome!! I am so excited for her! She loved the gospel and wants to take her family to the temple so bad. 

Okay for the funny thing that has been happening this week... So me and my companion decided that we are going to try and drink a gallon of water a day.  Which is all fine and dandy and it makes you feel really good except for the fact of how much we are running to the bathroom. Well last Monday poor sister Hatch had to go so bad and we were standing on someones porch. She had her legs crossed and she was like "Sister Davis i am going to pee my pants" Well people say that all the time but dont really mean it. I was just laughing at her and then that made her laugh and all the sudden she looks down and was like "uh-oh"... She was peeing right there as we were standing on this persons porch. So i pushed her off the porch into the grass. Good thing this person didnt come to the door. So we ran back to the car. Luckily it was the end of the night and we had done laundry earlier so we had a towel in the car. So she took her tights off and wrapped up in a towel. We were dying of laughter! 

It has been quite the week. Lots of memories made and fun times to look back on. I am so thankful for my mission and wouldnt trade it for anything in the world. Thank you for all the prayers and love and support. I sure am grateful for you all. Keep staying strong! I love you so much!

Love your sister Davis :)

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