Monday, February 10, 2014

Miracle Shovels

Hey everyone!!

What a week this has been. Where to start? Okay first a funny story. Me and my companion went to go visit a new move in, in the ward. Apparently she was a less active. But anyway we get there and the driveway was super steep and completely unshovled. So it was super icey. So we pulled off to the side instead of going down the hill in our car. Well when we got out to walk down the driveway we were hanging onto each other and my companion slipped and pulled me down and we slid all the way down the hill on our bums. We were laughing so hard we couldnt contain ourselves. Come to find out the person doesnt even live there. It was a vacant home. Yes it was quite the adventure gettin back up to our car.

I also experienced my first ice storm this week. It was awful. It was kinda cool though. When we woke up in the morning our car was completely covered in ice. It was fun trying to scrape it off the windows.

We had an awesome training this week from our wonderful mission president. We have a goal as a mission to get 720 baptisms. Wow!! We have got to work hard.

I also experienced a miracle this week. So since it has been snowing so bad it is a perfect time to help people shovel their driveways. Well as we were driving down the road we saw this lady struggling to shovel. So we stopped to help. As we were talking after we found out that she had been praying to know where God wanted her to go. She looked at us and told us she knows we were sent from him. How cool is that?? They are miracle shovels cause a similar experience happened later in the week too.

The work is moving right along. We have so much fun and learn so much as well. I am so thankful to have such great family and friends at home to support me. Know that all of you are in my prayers. I wish i had time to email each of you individually but know that I am thinking of you and each of you have had some kind of impact on my life. Be strong!  I love you all!! :)

And she was worried about the lack of adventure she could
have in a dress.... I really don't think that is stopping her!!
Love your sister Davis :)

Oh ps i got mistaken for a nun this week because of the name "sister" haha oh people these days ;)

Mom’s note:

I also need you to send me my temple clothes the president told us every six months we get to go to the temple!! How awesome is that? :) (I know Kirst will be so excited to go to the temple again, she was so sad on her last visit to the temple at the MTC because she thought that it would be the last time for 18 months.)

Is there anything i can do for you mom? (Even though she is a thousand miles away she is still asking me this question.  I sure do miss this kid!!)

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