Monday, February 24, 2014

Growing Up

Man my mission is going to help me grow up a little. So this week the weather changed drastically. We got up into the fourties and fifties. Which meant because of the drastic weather change we had to beware of TORNADOS!!! What?? So Thursday night they had a tornado watch which meant that we just need to beware. Well we were getting ready for bed when all the sudden i hear these sirens and I turned to sister Herndon and asked what that meant and she said those are the tornado sirens... Holy crap i was so scared. If i was at home and that happened i would not leave my moms side.... i know huh it is about time for me to grow up. Well since we dont have a basement to go down into we went into the bathroom... and both of us got in the bathtub (thats where they told us to go if we didnt have a basement) Luckily there was not tornado and it was just a funnel cloud that was spotted. But my goodness i was so scared.

This week has been fantastic though because of the warmer weather. That means we get to walk around instead of driving which means everyone is outside which means we get to talk to EVERYONE!! Which has been hard for me to get out of my comfort zone a little to talk to everyone. But it is great. We got a lot of potential investigators. We had a lesson with one of our investigators in a members home. Holy cow can i just tell you how powerful members are. The lesson was so spectacular. You members play a big part in missionary work. Get involved with the missionaries in you area. I promise you it will bless your life. I also talked to my first baptist this week. I now have another fear to get over... baptists...

But overall this week was just beautiful. I love the spring in the air and i love doing this work. It is super hard but it is so fun. Anytime we knock on a door we get this thrill because you just never know what it waiting for you on the other side. But it is amazing to see the light the Spirit brings into peoples eyes when they finally understand the truthfulness of the gospel. We are so blessed to be apart of this wonderful work. I love my mission. Thank you for all the wonderful letters and emails. I am so blessed to have friends and family like you. I love you all!!!

Love your Sister Davis :)

Moms Notes:

I asked Kirsten how are you REALLY doing, and this was her reply:

I really am doing good. I do still get homesick sometimes but i am getting better. I was singing Teach me to walk in the light the other day with sister herndon and i started crying cause you used to sing that to me all the time and it made me super homesick so i cant sing that song for 18 months but it is my new favorite hymn. Singing does not do me well. I am getting better. Dont get me wrong though it is super hard. But it is so hard because salvation is not a cheap experience.

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