Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hey y'all!... no joke that is how everyone talks here :)

Hey y'all!... no joke that is how everyone talks here :)
So this week has been great. I have decided I am going to develop lung cancer because we teach so many people with smoking addictions. Yes I smell like an avid smoker. Haha who woulda thought on a mission huh? The investigator we were teaching smoked four cigarettes just in the amount of time we were there. WOW! But hey at least we are fulfilling our purpose. It shows we are doing our work if the chapel smells like smoke right?
Anyway we also had a dinner appointment this week. When I asked if we could bring anything the lady said a salad. Well then I realized at that point we had no time to go to the store. So me and my companion made a salad with nothing but spinach leaves, celery, tomatoes and cheese. Luckily the lady had some salad dressing but hey what do ya do.

I am learning so much being out here on my mission. It is hard work. But I have become really close to my Heavenly Father. He is the only way I am going to make it through this. I realized how much I really don’t know about the gospel. But luckily it is a learning process all together. We had a really cool experience yesterday. It was testimony meeting and this active lady we visited a couple weeks ago and got up and bore her testimony on the impact that we had when we challenged her to ready the Book of Mormon. And how much it helped her. It was such an eye opener to me that we really don’t realize what we do when we have the spirit with us. That doesnt just mean for missionaries. As members of the church we have that opportunity to invite the spirit into someones home whenever we want to. Do it. It is so powerful:)

Well the weather warmed up this week to about 50 degrees. So it was nicer but still a little chilly. It is supposed to get cold again though. Dang it. But hey after that it can only get better right? Well sorry the email this week is so short. But I hope you all know you are in my prayers and I love you all so so much.
Sister Herndon and Sister Davis drinking  a "Golden Bear"
Love your sister Davis :)

So my companion says it is tradition to buy the trainee a golden bear. :)

Moms comment: I asked what kind of a drink exactly a golden bear is!!!

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