Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Story of the week right here!!!


Okay so last night my comp and i were coming home from a recent converts home and we saw that we needed gas. Well there were no gas stations around us so we were like we should be fine. My comp said her mom drove like 200 miles one time after the gas light came on so we pressed forward for home. As we were driving we were telling stories about times at home when we have come so close to running out of gas and we were laughing and having a great time. Then when we were about 2 miles from the gas station my companion says "uh oh" and i was like "what" and then the car started slowing down and i was like "uh oh" and so i get out of the car and start pushing the car... by myself... in a skirt... well the car started picking up some good momentum until we got to the bottom of a little hill. then it started to slow down. Oh man at this point we were laughing so hard. Then a car pulled up behind us and this boy jumped out and asked if we could use some help. that was greatly appreciated! Luckily there was a firestation close by so we just pulled into there and called for some help. But man what an adventure. Oh another funny story. So a lot of you know how much i love junior mints and popcorn. Well every morning we have to do this training and it involves watching some gospel videos. Well one day we decided to pop some popcorn while we watched them then i remembered that i had junior mints. So during training videos i sit there and eat popcorn and junior mints. Just like old times. Oh and this cute lady in our branch made us these house slippers. I love them! :)

The mission field is so fantastic. I made it through one transfer so far and have about 11 more to go;) thank goodness. Cause my mission here is not done yet. It has only just begun. Since me and my comp opened a new area we are finally getting our feet on the ground and we have about 10 new investigators. We are loving the work we are doing. We see miracles happen everyday. I learned this week that the spirit is truly the teacher and my job is to just follow the promptings i receive from it. This gospel is so true and Heavenly Father is so powerful. I thank Him everyday for blessing me with the friends and family i have. I just want to thank you all for all you have done. Each of you have had some impact on me and i would not be where i am today without you.
The road is completely covered in ice... that is okay though cause as soon as it melts it will just be one big puddle!!! :)

I hope you all know you are sons and daughters of God. He loves you so much. He has a plan for each of us. I love you so much!! I pray for you daily! Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Love your sister Davis :)

Mom's comments:

I am staying!!! Wahoo there is so much work here left to do. Thank goodness. I love her.  (This is her reply after she found out that she wasn't being transferred and keeping her companion.  I'm so thankful for her companion, Sister Herndon, she has comforted Kirsten many times.)

She added another story in the email she sent to me.  It is amazing to hear her testimony get stronger everyday!!!

The other day we were at this part members home and she was explaining to us that she wishes so much that her husband would come to church but he is so against it. I had this over powering feeling to tell her to have family prayer each night and invite him to come join. I was a little hesitant but i did as the spirit directed and the feeling that came in the room as i, through the spirit, committed her to do that with her family was so strong.

Things are getting so much better mom! I love my mission. I am starting to adapt to this life.

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