Monday, May 5, 2014

Hello Everybody!! :)

Hey all my family and friends,

I hope all is going well back at home! Things are just great here in the great Ohio Cincinnati mission. I love Indiana. I got to experience some great moments this week.

So to start off we had a lesson with this family of five this week. It was awesome the spirit was so super strong. It was just thick in the room. The dad did have a hard time understanding. So in the end we just bore a humble testimony of the things we knew to be true. As I bore my testimony i bore it on how i know that my family will be together even after death and how i know that everyone could have that opportunity. As i finished my testimony the dad of the family looked right at me and said "will you date my son?"....uhhh awkward... good thing his son was not home. haha! And that is not what i intended him to get out of my testimony. Good thing we are meeting with them again so i can redeem myself. 

My prince charming 
Also last night we were visiting a member and i found my prince charming. They have this fabulous backyard. It is so cool. They have like three ponds and a toy train that goes around the whole thing. In the ponds they have like fishes and frogs and stuff. But anyway we saw a frog and the member asked if we would like to hold it. Of course i wanted to hold it. So he caught it for us and we got to hold it. So i decided to kiss it and POP it turned into prince charming... Just kidding. I did pretend to kiss it though;) 

This is our district
I am learning so much everyday being out here on a mission. There was this really amazing scripture we shared this week. It is 3 Nephi 19: It is talking about the light of Christ. We as members of the church have that light. People notice it. We are so blessed to have that Spirit in our homes and bless our lives. I know God provides a way for us to accomplish the work He has here for us and by giving us that light is one way He does it. Keep that light close. Know that it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that provides that light and happiness for each of us. I know this is the true Gospel on this earth today. I know that Jesus Christ is at the head of it. I know He loves each of us and desires for us to return to him. i know each challenge we face is for our own good. I notice that more everyday. Some days are harder than other but everyday is another chance for me to learn and grow to make the next day better. I love you all and know you all are in my prayers. Have a fantastic safe week. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Love your sister Davis :) 

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