Monday, October 27, 2014

Hello Everybody :)

Bus ride.
Hey all my wonderful friends and fantastic family!
I feel that this week i just really want to share my testimony with you all. One thing that i have learned on my mission that i continue to learn everyday is that Heavenly Father knows each one of us individually. He knows what we stand in need of. He blesses us with fantastic family and friends to help us along the way. I know that God has a plan for each of us and as we trust in him and his timing everything will work out for our good. I know that every trial and struggle we are faced with in this life is to prepare us and help us grow and most importantly to teach us to rely fully on our Heavenly Father. I know that our families are forever. That is how it is meant to be. That was the plan from the beginning that we could be forever families. I know God answers prayers. I have never felt closer to my Heavenly Father as i have on my mission and i know he is close to us all. We all just have to learn what that still small voice sounds like. But i know God speaks. He would not leave us here to figure all this out on our own. I know we are all children of God. Please dont ever forget your divine role and potential to become like him. I know this email was super short but just know that i love you all so so much!! :) Keep stayin strong. LOVE YOU!!!

Love your sister Davis :)

Sister Lane and Sister Davis
Sister Lane and Sister Davis

This is how we decorate our car for the trunk or treat :)

Sister Lane and Sister Davis


I love the fall.

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