Monday, October 6, 2014

It is so wonderful to be a missionary!!

Kirsten's whole mission went to the Cincinnati Reds Game
I think the sisters just about out number the elders :)
I love you all so much!!!

This week was so fantastic! The miracles truly never cease. Conference was so amazing as well. I never appreciated conference so much until i came on my mission. To hear the voice of the prophet speak to us and feel the wonderful spirit that he shares with all of us. I truly know he loves each of us. He is here to recieve revelation to keep us safe in these trying times. He is truly a a man called of God. I know this with all my heart and i could never deny it. Yesterday and Saturday i had some neat experiences during conference. There would be times when i could feel the spirit just come over me so strongly testifying to me that what was being said was so true and that whoever was speaking was truly a servant of the lord. This gospel is so amazing!!

We had the coolest experience with one of our investigators the other night. We went over to invite her to conference and we were sharing a scripture with her and before we could get to the scripture she told us that every time we share a scripture it is exactly what she needs to hear. She asks us to write it down so she can go and read the whole chapter. Well that night the scripture we were going to share with her was in the Book of Mormon and she didnt have one so we told her we would get one for her. So we read the scripture and the spirit came so strongly and she was like "Wow that was so powerful" and her niece that was in there too was like "I just got the chills all over" and we were like that is the spirit!! It was so amazing!! Then we went and got her a Book of Mormon and when we gave it to her she was like i think i have one of these books... but we gave it to her anyway because she wasnt sure where it was. Then when we came back she had found it and showed it to us and it was so old but to was so amazing. Holy cow Heavenly Father knows his children and he knows where they are and what they need. 

The things i am learning on my mission I will be forever grateful for. They are things that i could only learn out here. They are things that i will take into the eternities. I have never been more sure of how true the gospel is in my life until i came out here and that is because it has been tested more than ever before. I never though i would question what i have been taught my whole life but when you are trying to teach it to others and they come back with questions you havent ever really thought of before it can make you really start to wonder. Especially when they ask you how you know it to be true. Then you yourself have to study and pray about it and recieve that witness for yourself that it is true. I have done that out here and i can truly testify to you that this gospel is true that Joseph Smith is a prophet that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet today. That we truly can be families forever and that most importantly God will never leave us to try and figure all this out on our own. I know Jesus Christ died for us so that we wouldnt ever have to go through this life alone. I know that he lives today and he walks with us every step of the way. I love my mission and i will be forever grateful for it. Thank you for all your love and prayers. Keep stayin strong. You are in my prayers. I LOVE YOU!!!

Love your sister Davis :)

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