Monday, December 8, 2014

I am so grateful to be a missionary :)

My dearest family and friends!!!

This week has been another week of miracles. I love my mission and i love everything i am learning.

First i will start with my funny experience for the week. We went to an investigators home. Usually when investigators have dogs they usually ask us if we are okay with dogs. Well he has a huge dog which is no big deal but we are in there and talkin for a bit and he says "I hope you are okay with mice..." hahaha WHAT? then he went on to explain that he has this mouse that he found one day in his home and it keeps coming back and he has made a little bed for it and a hole in the floor for it to go outside and everything. He says he lays food out for it and it plays with his dog.  Hahaha we cracked up after that :)

Now for the amazing things that are happening in this area. First off i wanted to share an insight i had in my studies last week. So i was looking in the hebrew dictionary under what miracle meant and the defintion is "points to new and higher forces that have entered and are working in this lower world of ours" Isnt that so amazing? A miracle is literally God and his angels coming and working here on earth through us. We had a huge miracle on Friday! We had this appointment set up with one of our investigators and we went over there and they werent there. So we had to do some planning back at home and when we got there the member that we are living with her house cleaner was there. We told her what happened about how the person wasnt there and she said well how about you give the lesson to me? and we were like okay so we all sat down and we talked about some of the concerns she had in life and about what she knew about God and we were able to invite the spirit and share a powerful message about the restoration with her. She was crying! It was a miracle and definately the grace of God.

I know that our heavenly Father knows exactly where we are supposed to be at the time we are supposed to be there and he provides everyway possible to make sure we are there at the right time. I know this gospel is true. I know that our prayers are answered all the time. I could never deny these things. I have witnessed them personally. I love you all so so much! You are all in my prayers!

Love your sister Davis :)

Mom's notes: Kirsten didn't tell you that she is being transferred.  They are being doubled out so Sister Davis and Sister Lane are both leaving the area.  She said she is sad but is excited to see where our Heavenly Father needs her.

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