Monday, December 22, 2014

It is Christmas!!! :)

gingerbread houses :)
yeah we made them on our bedroom floor
in our crazy pants :)
My dearest family and friends!

I absolutely love Christmas in the mission field. We had an awesome Christmas conference this last week. I have always felt like i have known the true meaning of Christmas. Last year i felt like i gained a greater meaning of it being in the MTC during Christmas but this year i think i have felt more of the true Christmas spirit more than i ever have before. Christmas is all about love. The love our savior had for us to come down to this earth to set a perfect example to us, to suffer and die on the cross so we could be forgiven and not have to walk alone in this life, then to rise again the third day for all of us to be able to live again with each other in the eternities. I want you all to know that i love you so much! Your encouragement and love you have shown to me through out my life is one that i will be eternally grateful for.  You need to know that your savior loves you even more. His love is truly the greatest gift we could ever receive. Please keep that in mind as we go through this wonderful Christmas holiday. Know that you are always in my prayers. I know our Heavenly Father is taking care of you he is watching out for you and he loves you too. 

mischief making team in the mtc ;)
reunited on our 1 year mark haha great times
and fun memories :)
Sister Palmer and Elder Mechecern ;)
We had such a fantastic week this week. We met this awesome lady. Her whole life she hasnt really felt any need for religion. When we came by she told us that she feels it is time for her to get into it. She wants to know she truly has such a sincere desire. When we shared the first vision with her. We asked how she felt and she said that she felt it could be true. Then when we share the Book of Mormon with her she told us that she felt that it would help her. It was amazing. She prayed that this would bring her the peace and happiness that she is looking for. I know that it will. This gospel is so amazing. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Know that i love you and pray for you always. Keep staying strong and having fun with whatever you are doing. LOVE YOU!!!
Love your sister Davis :)

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