Monday, March 16, 2015

Miracle March!!!

Man can i just say MIRACLES!!!! So we are teaching the cutest little boy. I have talked about him in my email for like the past three weeks but i just love him to death!! He is the biggest spiritual giant ever!! We are getting him ready to be baptized on the 28th of March. He is so excited but i dont think he realizes how excited he really is. Every time we go over there it is like pullin teeth to get him to come sit down but once he does he just eats it all up and loves everything that we share with him. So the other day we asked him if he had prayed to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and he said that he didnt quite know how to explain what happened except that he heard a voice in his head that was telling him that he was truly a prophet. It was amazing!! Then we taught him about the Plan of Salvation. We taught it as simple as possible cause he is ten. It was an awesome lesson. Then when we got to the part where we talk about death he seemed really concerned. But then we got to the part about resurrection and he was having the hardest time understanding what that meant. So we explained it that it is when your body and your spirit are stuck together forever. He finally figured it out and we finished up the lesson. Then he was saying the closing prayer and he said "Heavenly Father, thank you for letting the sister come over and teach me how my body and my spirit can be stuck together forever." IT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!! We got the biggest smiles on our faces and my testimony was truly strengthened that we all really will be resurrected and have that opportunity to live with our families forever! What a great blessing that is!! But it doesnt stop there! This little boy just keeps bein so amazing!! We had taught him about the Book of Mormon and committed him to read it. But when we went back he hadnt read it yet. So his dad was like read it right now. We told him to just read a page a day and it wouldnt take very long at all. So we all go in and sit down and read the first page in like five minutes. And we were like see it doesnt take long at all. So the little boy was saying the prayer again and was like "Thank you for letting the sister come and read the Book of Mormon with me and thank you for not letting it take so long." Once again we got the biggest smiles on our faces. Haha what a kid this little boy is. 

Prayers are so powerful! The church was restored from one simple prayer! I know God answers our prayers. I have had way to many experiences throughout my life to not believe that God talks to us. I know he does. I had a really neat experience this last week. The elders in our ward had a baptism and they asked us to share the Joseph Smith video with the people while the person was getting ready after being baptized. So we got the video and started it just from the part where he goes to pray.  I wasnt even watching the video cause i was sitting behind the TV but i could hear what was happening. As soon as he knelt down to pray i felt the spirit so strong. Then he started to talk about what he saw and my heart seriously felt that it was going to jump out of my chest. The spirit in that room was THICK!! I know that Joseph Smith truly is a prophet of God. I know the gospel has been restored and that we have the power of God on the earth today. With that power our families are sealed together for time and all eternity. I know that God answers our prayers. He knows exactly what we need in life. He is right by our side. I know it and i will never deny it! Thank you for all your love and prayers. Keep stayin strong!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH!!!! 
Love your sister Davis :)

I just want to share a little of Kirsten's testimony from her email to me this week:

I totally believe that good things will come from me serving a mission wether i baptize or not. That is my purpose, but if nothing else i will be able to stand up to anyone in my pathway and proclaim that i know Joseph Smith is a prophet and that we have the power of God on the earth today and that our families will be together forever. If nothing else besides that knowledge that i have gained happens i will have had a successful mission. It is something that will save my family in the end and that is the most important thing to me. I just know it that is the best part of my mission i think. I love the things i have learned and the people i have met but my knowledge of the simple things in the gospel have become solidified and can never be taken away from me.

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