Monday, March 9, 2015

This week flew by!!

The elders also had cadbury cream eggs and
we told them we couldnt eat them cause they
had sugar in them so this is what they did.

This is how people out here keep the
snow off of their cars
Holy cow i cant believe it is monday already again!! The weather is finally warming up! YEAH!!!!! The snow is melting! They say we arent supposed to get anymore snow this year. Yes! What a great week this was!! :) Everyday is just so full of miracles! It is miraculous!!

We had an awesome lesson with a little boy that we are teaching. I think i talked about him in last weeks email. But he is the son of a less active. So when we got there we were talking to his dad at first. Then we asked him to come in and join us for the lesson and he shook his head no. Then we were like why not? And  he said "cause you always make me say the prayer." Which is true he says the prayer a lot so we told him we wouldnt make him say the prayer this time. So he joined us  and we taught the lesson and everything. It was an awesome feeling in that home while we were talking. Then we were all done and we looked at his dad and asked who he wanted to say the prayer. Then the little boy jumped up and was like "I want to say it!"  We all looked at him and just smiled. That little boy says the most humble and sincere prayers i have ever heard. No wonder Christ tells us to become as little children. Then it was the cutest thing ever. We were talking to him about baptism. We asked him if he wanted to be baptized on March 28th and he thought for a minute and asked "How far away is that?" and we were like about three weeks. Then he smiled and was like "Okay so i have three more weeks to have fun" We all just burst out laughing. We then went on to explain how he can have fun after he is baptized too. It was so funny though we were laughing so hard. 

So i had a realization this week. We have all, as a mission been trying to focus our thoughts more on positive things. We have been trying to think good happy uplifting and encouraging thoughts. Because that is truly where it all starts, our thoughts. I have noticed on my mission how powerful our thoughts are. Satan tries to put these thoughts in our head making us think we are not good enough. It is crazy the thoughts that come from Satan that are in our heads. Something i have had to learn to do out here is ask myself "Is that thought from God?" Satan is so good at bringing people down but it is all up to us if we let him do it. It is our choice. It can be hard and sometimes we dont even realize it is happening. But my realization is that Satan goes after the gifts we have all been blessed with. We each have been blessed with gifts from our Heavenly Father. The gifts he has given to us are powerful ones. Ones that will strengthen our homes and families. So those are the ones that Satan focuses on. He makes us start to question them. Thinking to ourselves "am i really able to do that?" or things like that.  It is so important to remember that those gifts have been given to you from our Heavenly Father. He needs you to use them not question them. This is something that i am working hard on. They are your strengths. They are what your Heavenly Father sees you as. I know we are all sons and daughters of a loving God. We all can become like him as we magnify those gifts He has given us and as we develop more gifts while we are here on earth. This life is so short compared to what we have ahead of us. Know you all have a divine purpose here. God needs you to do something! He will help you with whatever it is too. But just remember that! You all keep stayin strong! You are in my prayers always. I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH!!!

Love your sister Davis :) 

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