Monday, March 23, 2015


Man what a week it has been :) I love you all so much! I have some of the cutest things to share with you all this week. This little boy we are teaching has got the testimony of a giant. He has got the biggest heart. This is truly what the elect look and act like. I just love him!!!

So we have been committing him to read from the Book of Mormon everyday. He has been reading which is so AWESOME!! But we went back and asked him if he understood what he was reading and he said that he is having a hard time understanding it but he wants to keep reading it because it makes him feel good about himself. YEAH!!! That is exactly what it is supposed to do!! Then the one part he did understand was when Nephi cut Labans head off.... of all the things he could have understood it was that part haha. But we explained to him why Nephi had to do and this as this was all being discussed his dad was hanging up curtains right next to us. Obviously he wasnt listening to our whole conversation because his little boy said something like "I just thought it was weird that he cut his head off" and his dad came back and was like "hey we dont talk like that it is not appropriate." Then he turned to his dad and was like "It is in the book" and sister Hatch and i just burst out laughing. It was so funny. Poor kid was just trying to understand ;) Then on another day that we were teaching him we were all sitting in his house and his friends came to the door and all the windows were open and he poked his head out the door and told his friends that he couldnt come and play. Then he went on to shut all the doors and the windows and we were thinking that maybe he was embarassed by us being there haha so we asked him if he was and he said "no, my friends just have really bad language and i dont want to hear it and i dont want you to have to listen to it." We thought that was the cutest thing ever! He is such a stud!! HE IS ONLY 10!! Okay the last thing we were teaching him about the Word of Wisdom and we asked him why it wouldn't be good to have wine and strong drink... well he didnt quite know what strong drink was so his answer to us was "Well wine makes you not in your right mind so that would not be good for you and as for strong drink it probably isnt good for you because as you are drinking it it could hurt your nostrils because of the smell. It was so funny! Then we went on to explain that strong drink was alcohol. That made a lot more sense to him. He is such a great little boy thought. He is gonna truly change his family. We are still working with his dad to get him to come back to church. He just is having a hard time with it all. But he is so grateful for the change that he has seen in his little boy. He will come. It may take some time but he will come. And his little boy is setting such a great example to him. I just love that family so much!!! It is so fun to see the way the gospel changes people. 

Then we had another awesome miracle. We have been working with this family forever and they have had a lot of nerves about coming to church. But by the grace of God they have come the last two weeks. They really struggle with praying out loud. So the whole time we have been teaching them they wont pray with us. Well Saturday night we had a powerful lesson with them on the blessings that come to our families as members of the church and how we can have that promise from our Heavenly Father of us being together forever. The spirit was just thick in the room and they loved it. They told us that is what they want!! When we were getting ready to leave we asked the dad if he would say the prayer and he said not yet. And we sat there for a minute then we started talking to them all about prayer and the influence it has on a family. He was so close to saying it but just wouldnt do it. Then when they came to church on sunday the lesson in sunday school was on prayer. haha it was so aweosme. Sister Hatch and i just looked at each other and smiled! Then we went by later that day and asked them how they like church and what they learned and such. They told us that they decided that they are gonna start having a family prayer everyday!! We were in shock. That is totally something they learned from the spirit at church. It was amazing!!! They are changing their hearts are softening and it is all because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is so amazing!!! I just love it!!! 

Okay so now for my funny story... this may have been a "had to be there" moment but we thought it was so funny. So we were driving in the car and all the sudden our car just smelled awful! It smelled like stinky feet. I was like sister Hatch do you smell that and she had a cold so she couldnt smell anything and i was like it smells like stinky feet and so i lifted my feet up to see if it was my feet but it wasnt my feet. Then we stopped at a stop light and sister Hatch threw the car into park and lifted her feet up above the steering wheel and was like is it my feet. But it wasnt her feet either but before she could get her feet back on the ground the light turned green and her feet were stuck above the steering wheel. She was like Uh oh! So we were sitting there with her feet above the steering wheel trying to get them down so we could go. Luckily we got them down and there were not that many cars behind us and they were all patient haha. It was pretty funny though. We never figured out what the smell was.  There is never a dull moment with Sister Hatch haha We have  a good time :) 

I sure love you all so much!!! Keep stayin strong and smiling all the time!!! Love you!!!!
Love your sister Davis :)

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