Monday, March 2, 2015


Bowling as a zone!
Holy cow my friends and family! What a week we have had! I love you all so much! Thank you for all your prayers :) 

haha the elders cleaning the baptismal font
we walked in and saw them like this
they didnt know we were there.
This week we had a lot of opposition. It was insane. It was just like one thing after another. It was a great lesson though to keep exercising our faith and keep going no matter what. March is going to be a miraculous month. Our mission has a goal to get 100 baptisms in this month. We are calling it March madness. Haha our mission president said that we will never look at March madness the same in our life. Which is true! But he told us that since we have such a high expectation to expect opposition. Haha he said to rejoice in it then expect miracles to happen... which is a lot easier said than done! But we put a smile on our face and keep going. It is all in Gods hands. He will take care of us and each of you! I know this and we just gotta keep having faith in that. 

We did see miracles happen though. We are teaching this less actives little boy. He is so awesome and wants to be baptized. We went and met with him and invited him to be baptized and he said he didnt know if he should or not. So we told him to pray and ask God if that is something that he should do. Then we went back to teach him again and we asked if he prayed. He said he did and that he asked God if he should be baptized. Then he said "God told me it is something i should do it" It was awesome and totally strengthened my testimony that God truly hears and answers EVERYONES prayers. This little boy is only 10 years old.  He is amazing!!! I have truly learned that the spirit is the teacher. As we were teaching him on Saturday we were talking about Jesus Christ and asked him what he knew about Jesus Christ and he was telling us a bunch of things about Jesus Christ. Some of the things we hadnt even talked about with him yet. So we asked him "Has your dad told you about Jesus Christ?" and he said "no" we were like "has your dads girlfriend?" and he said "No you two taught me about Jesus Christ" I thought for a minute and to myself i was like we have not taught him about all that yet. He is so smart and so in tune with the spirit it kills me. God is truly the one that is at the head of this work and like i said before we have to trust in him. Which is also sometimes easier said than done! But we just gotta do it anyway :) 
This guy in our ward makes book of mormon action figures and this is his new toy he made before it even made it to deseret book we are the first ones to see it haha

Even though we faced a lot of rejection and hard times this week there was still plenty to smile about. That is the wonderful thing the gospel give us is hope and something greater to look forward to. I know that even though we each face trials each week that God has great things in store for each of us and those trials are to shape us a prepare us for the future. I read an awesome talk this week. I cant remember what it was called but in it the apostle said "are you gonna falter or finish?" i thought that was just an awesome little power statement. So everytime i am going through a struggle i think to myself "am i gonna falter or finish?" It is awesome and just gives you the courage and the spirit to keep going. I know this gospel is true. i know God takes care of his children. I love this work and i love my mission! I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO SO MUCH!!!!

Love your sister Davis :)

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