Monday, April 20, 2015

Back in Indiana!!!! I love Indiana!!! Area: Huntington, Indiana Companion: Audrey Chavez, Price, Utah

Our zone!!! :)
Holy cow!! This place is amazing!!! I love you all so so much!! So i am now in Huntington Indiana. Which is up north by Fort Wayne. This place is just full of love. My new address is 337 Williams St apt 1 Huntington IN 46750. I LOVE IT HERE!!! 

This week was just another week full of miracles!! We have had quite some adventures this week. So first off we had the biggest spider we have ever seen in my whole entire life in our apartment. We were getting ready for bed one night and i was sitting on my bed writing in my journal and i looked up and there was this spider on the wall. I freaked out just a little then i got a little closer and really freaked out once i realized how big it was. Now let me explain. This spider had the biggest bum i have ever seen on a spider. It also had like a shell for its back. It looked more like a crab without pinchers but not quite that big. We were on family prayer with our zone and sister Chavez and i werent even listening cause of this spider. We couldnt just smoosh it because of the crunch it would have made and it was so big. So we got some cups and we caught it. Then we didnt know what to do with it. We wanted to show someone how big it was but we couldnt keep it in the cups cause it woulda gotten out so we decided to put it in a plastic container. Well when we put it in the container it kinda fell out and it had started to spin a web so it stuck to the cup and was just hanging there so we both started screaming cause we thought it was going to crawl back up the cup. Well the elders live in the apartment behind us so they heard us screaming and they thought we were just really excited for the miracle that was just shared. But we didnt hear any miracle because we were so focused on what to do with the spider. Well when the screaming didnt stop they knew something was wrong. So over the phone call we hear them ask us if everything is okay. So we get on the phone and explain what was happening. Then we realized how ridiculous we sounded freaking out over a spider so we had to keep it so we could show everyone how big it really was. The elders later told us that we freaked them out so bad from us screaming and not answering the first time on the call that they were on their way over to see what was going on. But then we answered and everything was okay.  So we went to bed with the spider in the container and woke up the next day and it had spun a web and layed eggs! So then we were gonna have a whole bunch of baby spiders running around. So we took it to the elders and showed them and they even said we had a legitimate reason to freak out. Needless to say the elders ended up killing the spider for us. Usually i dont have a problem killing spiders but this one was huge. 

Now on the more spiritual side of things ;)   

This is two more in this family of 7.
There is only one more in the household yet to be baptized.
Then we are preparing the grandma of the
family to be baptized on may 2
So when i got here the sisters were preparing two more of this family of seven to be baptized. All that is left in the household that hasnt been baptized is the 16 year old boy and the elders are teaching him and he will be baptized this Saturday. But I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to come here and see this family continue to grow as they all enter into a covenant with our Heavenly Father. then we are teaching the grandma of the family as well and she is preparing to be baptized on the 2 of May. FAMILIES ARE ETERNAL!!!  But as we were at the baptism we had the opportunity to share with everyone the message of Joseph Smith. What we usually do is share the background leading up to the first vision then we show the movie starting at the first vision. But as we were watching the movie i could really just feel the spirit so strong. The line when Joseph Smith says "I knew it and i knew that God knew it and i could not deny it" stood out to me. I realized that is how i felt. That is a testimony i have definitely gained on my mission. I know that Joseph Smith truly saw our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ. I could never deny that feeling that i have. This gospel is truly meant to bring our families together FOREVER!! This life is just a moment in time compared to eternity. We were able to teach the grandma of this family the Plan of Salvation after the baptism. The spirit was so strong as we taught and shared personal experiences. Questions were answered not by us but by the spirit. I know people say that all the time but seriously as they asked questions they were questions that we did not have straight up answers for. But at the end of the lesson the grandma turned to us and said "I have had so many of my questions answered tonight so thank you" WOW!! What a testimony builder once again that our Heavenly Father is in control. As we taught i had the chance to sit and ponder on my life and the experiences i have had and my heart was filled with comfort and gratitude. I am so thankful to have the knowledge about Gods eternal plan for us. I have no doubt in my mind that we will see our loved ones again. They will know us and we will know them. We will all be reunited in joy and happiness one day when we get to stand before our Savior Jesus Christ. I know it and i will forever know it nothing will take that knowledge away from me. It is way to important to me to ever deny it!! I love you all and pray that you all will have the most spectacular week of your life. I love you all so so much!!! 

Love your sister Davis :)

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