Monday, April 13, 2015

It is so warm!!!

Well first off.... I love you all so much!!! You are all so wonderful and so amazing!!! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and group of friends!!!

This week was so busy but let me first tell you the funniest thing ever!!! So a couple weeks ago we had a competition with the elders in our district. The prize for winning the competition was that the losers got pies in their faces. Well we won that competition!! So we got to throw pies in all the elders faces. It was the funniest thing of my life!!!! I got it all on film but i cant figure out how to send them home. 

We had an awesome growing week. It is truly amazing to see how the Lord blesses us all. Nothing super big happened but every week it never fails my testimony is strengthened. So I just want to share my testimony with you all. I know without a doubt that we have a loving Heavenly Father. I know this is HIS work. He is the one in control. He is the one that makes it all happen we are truly just the instruments. But i do feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be an instrument in the Lords hands. One thing that i have learned is that we must always be prepared to act on whatever the Lord asks us to do. I loved the quote from Henry B Eyring "When we offer succor to anyone the Savior feels it as if we reach out to succor Him" That is so true! I can testify that as we help and serve others the we are showing out love to the savior. 

Sorry this email isnt super long i dont have much time today. But just know that the gospel is true. Know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. We have a living prophet on the earth today. I know God knows us and loves us. I love you all so so much!!!!
Love your sister Davis :)

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