Monday, April 27, 2015

There is not enought time in the day!!! #missionaryprobs

Sister Chaves & Sister Davis
My dearest family and friends! I love you all so much! This week has just been crazy busy! We always just have so much going on which i am so grateful for. I love it so much!! It is the best feeling in the world! 

So i have the funniest story to share! But i am afraid not everyone will get it... so if you have seen the movie "what about Bob" then you will enjoy this but if you havent then you might not get it. So this is especially for my daddy and Kylie :) haha So we were at this ladies house. She used to be a member of the church but she had her named taken off the records but she wants to be rebaptized so the bishop has asked us to work with her. So we were over at her house this week talking to her and she was telling us of these anxieties she has about leaving her house. These anxieties were not very ligitimate anxieties. I mean they could happen but it is like one in a million chances. So she was sitting there telling us all her worries and i thought to myself "Man i feel like i am listening to Bob sitting here talking" I just didnt know what to say to her so then my next thought was "How did Dr. Marvin handle that situation?" haha then my very next thought was "BABY STEPS" hahaha i almost couldnt contain myself with laughter but i kept it in. Then i had this debate in my head "Should i tell her about baby steps or should i not?" then i figured well i thought of it for a reason so i went on to explain that she just needed to take one step at a time during the day. Just focus on one thing that she has to do and take baby steps throughout the day and she will be able to do the things that she wants to do. (I went into greater detail but that is the gist of it)  She looked at me and was like "That is the greatest idea i have heard." She said "I have never heard it explained to me that way" So she said she would try it and see if it works. We havent followed up with her yet to see if it works or not but we plan to. I was laughing so hard inside about that whole sitation though. Unfortuantely my companion hasnt seen What about Bob so she didnt get it. But it made me smile :) 

Next, this lady we are working with is getting baptized on saturday. We are so excited. She is part of the big family that the other missionaries have been working with before i got here. There are now seven in the house that have gotten baptized. This lady is the grandma. She loves the gospel and is so solid. We have so much fun teaching her. She truly knows how to listen to the spirit. That is the greatest feeling ever... teaching someone that wants to act on the feelings they get  from the spirit.

 I had a neat realization this week. So Wednesday we had a district meeting and one of the sisters in our district is blind. Well we were playing a game called four corners in the gym. That is a game where there is someone in the middle of the gym and they close their eyes and point to a corner and whoever is in the corner is out. But we run from corner to corner. Well i was helping the blind sister move from corner to corner. She was hanging onto my hand and we would run all around. As we were playing i thought to myslef "Man she has got a lot of trust in me to run with me around the gym like this" She really has no choice, if she wants to participate she kinda has to trust and rely on others. But it is her choice still if she wants to do that or just sit in a corner and let her diability get the best of her. I think it is awesome that she chooses to trust others so that she can enjoy the fun too. God never meant for us to come to this world to be unhappy. In the same sense sometimes i find it hard to take those "blind steps" into the dark not knowing exactly what is going to happen from it. But that is when i need to be reminded that i am hanging onto my Saviors hand and He is the one that is pulling me forward. That is where we need to draw our faith from. With our hand in the Saviors hand we can move forward even if we cant see what is up ahead. Those steps of faith in the end make us happier than we could ever be. Once again God never meant for us to come to this world to be unhappy. It is our choice though to trust Him or to sit in the corner and let our doubts and fears of taking the "blind steps" hold us back. I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with this sister on Friday. So i got to spend the whole day with her. She seriously is amazing and such a great example to me that anything is possible with God and that we should never let anything hold us back from accomplishing our greatest desires. I know this is true i know as we truly rely on our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ, eventually all those "blind steps" will lead us into the eternities with our families. That is my greatest desire of all. I love you guys and feel so blessed to have such fantastic family and friends. Have a great week and know you are in my prayers always!!! I LOVE YOU!!! 
Love your sister Davis :)

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