Monday, April 6, 2015


Mission Leadership Council...4/3/15
What a week it has been!! I love you all so much!

Okay so wasnt conference just amazing?! I just love hearing from the general authorities. They are all so inspired and give such great counsel. I thought it was so amazing how focused on the family they have been. Man if that is not telling ya something about how important families are then i dont know what will. Man i just love my family. I truly know that families are the most important things here on this earth. If it wasnt for our families we would be completely lost. I know our families can be together forever. 
So this week the funniest thing happened...except it was kinda driving me crazy but bless this ladies heart. So this lady and her husband came out teaching with us this week. They are members and they were so sweet they drove us around all day and then fed us dinner. But this lady i swear does nothing! So we went to this less actives for lunch and the lady that was with us was like "I dont cook cause i am the girl and it's not my job" Then sister Hatch and i went to put the dishes in the sink and the lady was like "I dont do the dishes cause i am the girl and it is not my job" all day she was saying stuff like that!! I couldnt believe what i was hearin! I was cracking up though after they dropped us off. It was so funny. Not a whole lot would get done if all girls were like that. Thanks goodness our moms have taught us how to do dishes and cook dinner!! 

Specialized Training 4/2/15

MTC Buds!!! 
Then on April fools day we were supposed to have district meeting because we have one every wednesday. And us and the other sisters show up and we waited and waited and our district leader never showed up. So we were like he is totally playing an April fools joke on us. So we call him and were like "where are you?" and he was like "Oh yeah i forgot to send out the text that there was no district meeting" and we were like "Yeah right where are you really?" and he was like "No really the assistants texted us last night and told us and i forgot to tell ya" so then we called the zone leaders to see if they were being serious. Well the zone leaders were laughing at us so hard they ended up coming to the church to see if we really showed up. Needless to say district meeting really got cancelled so we used that time to plot our revenge. 

Then we had another funny experience with the little boy that just got baptized. We were over there on Saturday and we were talking to him about Easter and we asked him if he knew what the true meaning of Easter is. He said he didnt know so we explained it to him and then to make sure he understood we asked him again what he understood the true meaning of Easter to be. And with a mouth full of Jellybeans stuffed in both cheeks he explained it perfectly. I just thought it was so funny to sit there and listen to him tell us his testimony of the Savior with cheeks sticking out to China full of Jellybeans. He is such a cute little boy!!! 

Dancing in the rain!! 

All our chocolate we saved through out this transfer. 
We had an awesome leadership council meeting this last week. President Porter gave each of us time to bare our testimonies at the very end. As i was sitting there i felt the spirit so strong. I was thinking about what i have learned the most on my mission. That is really hard to narrow it down to one thing because i have learned so much. But i was really thinkin hard about it and i really feel that i have come to understand more fully the enabling power of the atonement. There have been so many times on my mission that i have truly felt like i could not go any further. And i drop to my knees to plead for help and everytime i have truly felt the arms of our Savior pick me up and push me along. I know without any doubt that our Savior knows exactly how we feel. He knows what it is gonna take for us to become the children of God our Heavenly Father needs us to become and sometimes it is hard and sometimes it hurts real bad but that is why our Savior suffered. He did it so he could help us. I can not tell you enough how important it is to just cry out to our Heavenly Father. Do it all the time whether you are going through a hard time or not. But dont let your faith falter in the hard times. Remember that it is after the trial of our faith that it grows and we see the miracles. I can truly testify to that. Remember God will never leave you hangin and everything happens for a reason!! I love you all so much!! I KNOW MY SAVIOR LIVES!!!! Keep stayin strong! I love you!!!!! 

Love your sister Davis :)

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