Monday, May 18, 2015

54 Lessons!!

Can i just say GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!!!! Well first off let me tell you that i love you all and am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and fantastic friends. Thank you for all you all do for me and for the Lord. 

So this week sister Chavez and i had made it a goal to teach 50 lessons. Our mission average that we all try to hit is 20. We have been getting in the 30's the last couple weeks and we decided before the transfer was over we wanted to hit 50. Well half way through the week we realized how close we were. Then Saturday came and we realized we needed 19 more to get to 50. We woke up Saturday and we were so tired. It was like the tired you feel when you are a brand new missionary trying to adjust to the schedule. But we prayed super hard for the help of God and we were able to teach 10 lessons that day. So we needed nine more. Then by the grace of God these two recent converts came up to us at church and asked us if they could go on splits with us. Good gad-free!! It was awesome and we were able to teach 13 lessons with them. So we were able to exceed our goal and get over 50 lessons that week. It was awesome. We had so much fun!! But it is truly amazing to see how God answers each of our prayers. 
Look how beautiful this is?
It is called the sunken gardens. 

awesome airplane! 
Funny moment of the week! It happened just this morning. So sister Chavez and i decided to go the YMCA to work out. Well we were super tired and we were in playing racquetball and we took a break for a minute and were reading the words on the glass door. Well since we were inside the court the words were backwards to us. So we read the top words just fine.  But then we got to the words below them. In my mind i was thinking the top words were in English and the bottom words were in spanish of what the top words said. So we were trying to figure out how to say these words in spanish. After about 3 minutes of trying to figure it out sister Chavez is like "Oh sister those words are in english too" It said "Eyewear is recommended." But reading it backwards in our defense could have totally been mistaken for spanish. We laughed pretty hard after that and it woke us up quickly!! 

i couldnt help but think of
grandpa larsson while sitting in the air plane
Okay another funny moment. We were teaching this 14 year old boy. We had taught him a few lessons. But the last time we went by we shared the Book of Mormon with him. He had been praying and everything and we were super excited for him. So we had just finished up the lesson and getting ready to schedule another time to come back and he was like "Sisters i think i get it. I get the gist of it. You can come a couple more times." Then he stopped there. Well sister Chavez and i were super excited. We were like "That is awesome you get it and you want us to keep coming" But we were just building it up and up and getting more and more excited. Then his next words were "but i get the gist of it so you can stop coming"....... Oh man how i would have loved to have been on the outside looking in on that because the expression our faces were probably priceless. Then in the exact same tone and in the exact same breath sister Chavez and i were like "Ohhhhh okay" Then we awkwardly sat in silence for a minute cause neither one of us new what to say after what we had just built up. Haha!! 

Okay on a more spiritual note this week was amazing!! God truly provides for each and everyone of us. We could not do this without him. He is our third companion. So i was laying in bed the other night and my mind was going like crazy. We had so much we had to do the next day and so much that still needed to be done that night but it was time to go to bed. So i felt like i was going to go crazy trying to go to sleep. So i remembered stories that i have heard about people reading the Book of Mormon when they cant go to sleep. So i pulled out my Book of Mormon and started reading. It was so cool. As soon as my eyes hit that page my mind seriously went completely clear. I couldnt understand the story i was reading because i was tired but all i was doing was reading the words and feeling the spirit and my mind was completely at peace. It was like it was washed away of all my worries and stresses. I was scared to put it down because i didnt want it all to come back. But i did eventually put it down and was able to fall asleep. But i know that the Book of Mormon is truly the word of God. It has been given to us as a gift from Him so that we may know how we can keep our families safe in this life and receive that great blessing of being with our families for eternity. 

Next we had kinda a scary situation but it strengthened my testimony so i want to share it. We were walking down the road and all the sudden we hear a voice that sounded like it said "Sisters!" so we turned around and no one was there. So we kept walking and we heard "Come teach me about God" so we turned around again to see someone in the window. So we started walking towards this house to go knock on the door. Well we did and no one answered. So we kept walking and started talking to people again. And as we were on our way again down the road. We heard it again "Come teach me about God" this time it looked like they waved at us. So we started walking toward them again thinking maybe they didnt hear us knock. So we went to the window and knocked on the window instead. Then this teenage kids pulled the curtain back and said "I am atheist" and closed the curtain. So we turned around and started walking again. Well as we were walking away this kid started yelling out the window at us these awful satanic things. I got the sickest feeling in my stomach and started praying out loud so my companion could hear too. But it just broke my heart to see this young man doing that. I prayed that he would one day be able to feel the love Heavenly Father has for him. My testimony was truly strengthened as i felt the comfort of my Heavenly Father as i was praying. I know Heavenly Father knows us. I know He loves us and just because we go through hard things in life does not mean God is punishing us. We each are given trials and challenges to help us grow. A sailboat cant go anywhere without winds and waves. Just as we will not go anywhere without our own kinds of winds and waves. But i know that as we have God as the captain of our sailboat we will be blown in the direction we need to go. I love this gospel with all the fiber of my being. I know it is true!! I love you all so much!!! 
Love your sister Davis :)

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