Monday, May 4, 2015

Miracles! Miracles! Miracles!

Mission leadership Council 5/1/15
Wow! This week has just been so busy! I feel like i say that about every week but i am so grateful that it is so busy. It makes life so fun and really makes you stop and realize how much God is in control because there is no way that we could get everything done if he was not in charge. First off know that i love you so much!!

Carolyn's baptism
So we saw so many miracles this week. First off the lady we have been teaching got baptized. Which is so amazing! I just love that women. It was such a neat experience. So we were standing in the bathroom with her right before she went into the font and we decided to say a prayer with her. We just prayed that it would be a good experience and that she would be able to feel the spirit. Well she then went down into the font and was baptized by a recent convert himself. Which was such a neat experience to see. Then we were standing in the bathroom again with her and she looked at us and said "I feel like my burdens are being lifted from my shoulders. It is working" Both sister Chavez and i got a huge smile on our faces. It was so amazing! She just makes me smile... the gospel just makes me smile... okay it is probably actually the spirit that comes when we talk about the gospel that makes me smile. :) GOD IS SO GOOD!! 
I love her!! 
Another miracle that happened on Saturday. We were on exchanges with the other sisters and the week had been so busy we hadnt spent a lot of time in our own area so we had not found very many new people to teach. So we had like 30 minutes left in the day and we needed to find. So i turned to sister Mickleson and was like "Okay sister we are going to see some miracles happen right now." So we prayed and got out of the car and started walking hoping some people would be outside. We had some referrals on that street so we decided to contact them. Well from that we picked up two new investigators. Then we kept walking and two more people were outside and we picked them up as two more new investigators then as we were walking back we ran into two more boys and picked both of them up as new investigators. So we found six new people to start teaching in like 30 minutes. It was so crazy. God truly puts people in our pathway as long as we are willing to try. We truly witnessed a miracle. 

Then a funny thing that happened this week. We were again on exchanges with the other sisters and i am still trying to get to know this area better. We had a gps but i dont know how reliable they are now after this experience. So we had just picked up a member to go with us teaching. We were following the gps and we turned down this road not thinking anything of it. Except we thought it was a little weird that all the parked cars were facing us on both sides of the road. Then  this member looks up from what she was doing and she was like "Uh we are going the wrong way" and then i looked at the gps and was like "No i dont think so this is the way that the gps is telling us to go" Then the member said "No i mean this is a one way road and we are going the wrong way" Haha we then realized why all the cars were facing us and we quickly turned off onto a different road after we freaked out a little bit. Luckily it wasnt a busy one way road. Good times and times never to be forgotten! 

I love you all so so much!! :) Keep staying strong and know you are always in my prayers!! :) 

Love you!!! 
Love your sister Davis :)

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