Monday, May 11, 2015

MoThErS dAy!!!! YEAH!!!

Well can i just say it was so good to see my family yesterday. (a lot of this email will probably be a repeat for my family who i talked to yesterday) I just fell so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. Thank you all for all you do and know that i love you so much!!!

This week was just a great week. We had a lot of fun and memorable moments.

So first off... how many girls have ever mowed lawns before?? Apparently it is not a huge thing for girls to do i guess... but i went on exchanges the other day with two sisters in the zone and we went to do a service project for a lady in their ward. Well when we got there the lady asked if i had ever mowed a lawn before and i was like yeah i have thinking it was a normal thing for girls to do. Then she looked at the other two sisters and was like these two have never mowed a lawn before. haha i almost died when i heard that. So i had the privledge of teaching these two sisters how to mow a lawn. Thank you daddy for teaching me how to mow a lawn. ;) I havent gotten to mow a lawn my whole mission so it was a lot of fun.

Next we had an awesome zone meeting this week. Just filled with the spirit. We had an awesome testimony meeting afterwards. While we were sitting there i was trying to figure out what to bare my testimony on and all that was coming to my head was how happy i felt to be where i am at. So that is what i bore my testimony on. I know that this gospel brings true happiness. A happiness like no other happiness that you could experience anywhere else. It all comes from just living the gospel every single day. Applying the doctrine of Christ in your life, continually thinking to God. I truly am so happy to be here in Indiana serving my Heavenly Father. I know this gospel is true i know that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world, i know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and that we have a prophet on the earth today. I know God has a plan for us all and i know that He loves us more than we can imagine. I know that our families are FOREVER!!!!!  That is what brings me happiness, this knowledge. I love you all and pray that you have a spectacular week. LOVE YOU!! 
Love your sister Davis :)

Mom's notes: It was so good to see you yesterday!! I thought it would be easier hanging up this time because it is only two more months and i will get to see you again. But it never fails it is still just a pain to hang up with my family. I miss you so much mom but i love this work that i am doing. It is the greatest thing i have ever done in my whole life. I wouldnt trade this time for any tumbling competition even as much as i love tumbling ;)

hey you too fun happy amazing hardworking valiant sweet loving beautiful missionary! I miss you a lot and I'm so so so glad you got to spend so much time helping us in our ward building the kingdom of Zion in Ohio!  Martha Vandemerwe

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