Monday, May 25, 2015

Leaving again!

Well all you great and marvelous people I am getting transferred one last time. I am really sad to leave this area. I just love it here. That is one of the greatest things I am grateful for is the love that Heavenly father has blessed me with. I have learned to love people that I never thought I would love before. I have especially learned to love the gospel like I have never before. But I will let you all know next week were I end up. 

As I look back at this transfer I have had some of the greatest times and have learned some of the greatest lessons. I have developed friendships here that will be forever. The great thing about this is that God is the one in charge so where ever I go it will be a mission from Him. Sometimes I think I forget that. But that is where the trusting in him come into play. So that is what i will do and if anyone of you are struggling with what ever is comin up next in your life I invite you to do so too. Everything happens for a reason and God will never leave ya hangin! I can truly testify of that! I love you all and sorry this is a short one but I love you!
Love your sister Davis!

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