Monday, June 22, 2015

Busy busy week! :)

We found a turtle in the middle of the road.
Man this week was just insane!!! But it was so much fun! First off know that i love you all and you all are just so stinkin amazing!! :) 

Got drenched in the sudden down poor. 
Got to see all my little buddies in east gate again :) 
Okay so lets start off with yesterday morning. So on Sunday mornings we take some of our investigators breakfast to try and help them come to church. So we were at one of our investigators houses and he was still in bed and his grandma could not wake him up. So before we had gotten there she called the ride we set up for him and she cancelled. But we were determined to get him to church. So we asked her if we could try and wake him up and by the grace of God we were able to wake him up. But oh no that is not even the least of the story. So we got him up and he actually doesnt live at his grandmas he has his own apartment but he is usually is at his grandmas. So he didnt have any church clothes. So he didnt want to come. At first we were trying to explain to him that it didnt matter and he could wear just the best clothes he had there. But he would not budge. He was not gonna come to church without his church clothes. Plus now he had no ride to church because it was cancelled. By this time it was 12:30 and we were about 15 minutes away from the church and church starts at 1. So we made this game plan he was gonna give us the keys to the apartment and we would go get his clothes and he would get a ride to church and we would meet him there. So the race against time was on. We called the lady that was originally gonna give him a ride to see if she still could. She was already on her way to church but said she would turn around. So she came and got him and they were on their way to the church and we were on our way to his apartment. Luckily his apartment was kinda on the way to the church. But bu the time we got there it was 12:45. So sister Stokes and I booked it inside and got his clothes. Then we were on our way now 12:50 and we were still about 10-12 minutes away from the church and the roads we have to drive on are not straight at all so we couldnt go very fast. It was a fun ride though. We made it to church only 2 minutes late. They were just barely singing the opening song. Our investigator got his clothes and was able to enjoy church.  He is so funny and sometimes i just dont understand him. He is so awesome and loves everything we share with him while we are teaching and loves coming to church. But the minute we leave it is so hard trying to get back in with him. We remind him everytime that Satan is going to work on him and he is like "I know i know" but it never fails. So that is our goal this week is trying to figure out how we can help him want it while we are there and when we leave. But he is so awesome!!! 

I also had a very humbling experience this week. I have just been really frustrated and feeling like i dont have the time i need to get everything done that i need to. I just felt like i wasnt enjoying the things i was doing cause i was so stressed about getting everything done. Then i read this talk about gratitude and i decided instead of asking my Heavenly Father to help me get everything done that i needed to get done i would thank Him for helping me get done what i could get done. So I started saying gratitude prayers. Can i just tell you all my whole perspective and my whole attitude has been changed. I feel so much better and feel so much relief. God helps us do so much everyday and i was totally taking for granted all that help He was already giving me. It is so important to be thankful. God is so good!! I love my mission and the lessons i learn everyday! You all are so fantastic!! Keep staying strong!! :) Love you all!!!

Love your sister Davis :) 
P.S. I recieved this revelation from a member this week.... Faith is not hoping that something will happen it is trusting in God and asking what you can do to make it happen. IT'S SO TRUE!!!!  


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