Monday, June 8, 2015

What a week!

Man i have learned a lot of great lessons this week. Once again to sum up the lesson in general it is to trust in God. But before i get into all that just know that i love you so much and am praying for you always!!

Okay to start off we had the funniest lesson with this young man we are teaching. We were following up with him about the prophet. We asked him if he there was a prophet on the earth today. He told us that he believed there was. We asked him what that meant to him to find out that there was a prophet on the earth. His reply was "Well when you sisters told me there was a prophet on the earth it was like finding out Obama was president" Ahhhhhh I almost died. Hahahaha it was so funny then i started to open my mouth before i thought and i almost said "Yeah except finding out there is a prophet it probably a good exciting feeling" but i quickly stopped myself mid sentence and looked at my companion. Good thing she knew what i was thinking and saved me. I didnt know exactly what he meant by that. Like if he was just surprised or what. But this kid we are teaching is so amazing. He is so sincere. It is so fun to teach him cause you can always tell when he is feeling the spirit cause he gets this big smile on his face. It is just the greatest thing ever to see how much joy the gospel can bring to those around us. 

Here is the part where i learned to trust in God even more. So our mission will take recent converts to the temple to do baptisms for the dead after they get baptized and we wanted to get this lady to go. They really encourage us to get a name for them to take with them. So we had been working so hard the whole week to try and get her in with a family history consultant and nothing was working out. Well in order for us to go we needed her to have a name. She could still go but we wouldnt get to go with her. But the only problem was the ride we set up for her she didnt know them and she is legally blind. So we had a huge problem. We felt so bad and just didnt know what to do. It was friday night at like 10:25 and we are supposed to be in bed at 10:30 and we still had nothin for her to take to the temple. We texted all the family history consultants to see if any of them could meet in the morning then we had to just go to bed and wait and see if any replied in the morning. We did not get much sleep worrying about that. Well morning came and we had two meeting before we went to the temple and not a single one of the consultants could meet with us. We had a short half hour between our two meetings to try and find a name. So we asked all the elders to see if any of them knew how to find a name. By the grace of God one of them did. So we were able to get her a name to take to the temple. It was insane. I cannot even express the relief i felt as we found that name. Everything just fell into place. We were praying so hard. But i truly know Satan does all he can to keep you from going to the temple. But i also know that we can overcome any setbacks. I needed that temple trip and Satan knew it. As i sat there in the temple i just felt so much peace and relief. I love this gospel and i love that God always wins. Yesterday our Bishop bore his testimony and said "Every aspect of my life is better because of Jesus Christ" I would have to add my testimony to that. I know that it is only because of my savior that i have been able to do the things that i have gotten to do. This church is so true!!! I love it!! TRUST IN GOD, HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YA HANGIN!!! I love my mission!!!! I love you all!!! 

Love your sister Davis :)


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