Monday, June 1, 2015

Back in OHIO!! :) Area: Cherry Grove, Ohio Companion: Steffani Stokes, Las Vegas, Nevada

My dearest family and friends!! 

How are ya'll doin? I just love you so much!!! So i am in a new area now. Funny story i am actually back in one of my old apartments so my address is 6403 Clough Pike Apt 5 Cincinnati OH 45244. I have such an awesome companion. She is so fantastic. We have a lot of fun and are makin a lot of memories. We have seen so many miracles this week! 

So first off the sisters had been trying to see this less active member and they just couldnt get in touch with her. So we were over by her apartment on Thursday and we were talking to this guy outside. Then all the sudden she pulled up and was walking into her apartment so we were able to get in contact with her. But not only that she invited us in to share a message with her. Her non-member grandson was there so we were able to teach him as well and pick him up as a new investigator. He is so prepared! He came to church on Sunday and wants to be baptized and change his life around. He is 18 and has been through a ton. He told us that he just wants to change his life around and feel forgiven of his past. He is preparing to be baptized on June 20 so we could really use everyones prayers that he will make it there. That has happened a lot this week. Heavenly Father has put us in the areas we are needed this whole week. It has been amazing to see how he is working through us. That is truly one of my favorite parts of this is to see God working through us. 

Now for the funny moment of the week. We met this lady that has these big ambitions to travel the US and see all the national parks. She was getting ready to go and we asked her if we could help her. She said she needed help getting rid of all her stuff so we went by on Saturday to help her with that. Well her van filled up and she still had a chair and an ottoman. So we told her we would try and fit it in our car. Well she left to go take a load to Goodwill and we were there trying to get the chair in our car. Well it got stuck half way in and half way out. It wouldnt budge. We had no idea what to do. We tried everything. We tried rolling down the window to give it more room. We tried going in the other way and pulling it in. We tried pushing it out and pulling it out. But it was stuck. There was no hope and we were dying of laughter cause of how rediculous it looked. But we couldnt go anywhere because we couldnt close the door. Well the lady came back and saw we were still trying to get it in the car. She laughed for a minute then started to help us try and figure out what to do. Then we got the bright idea to slide the front seat up and lean the chair forward and we were able to loosen it up enough that we could rotate it in. We havent tried to get it out so we dont know if it will come out but we got it in there. haha! It was so funny!! 

I dont know if you all have had the chance to watch the Lift video that the church has put out but it is amazing. There is so much that is said in that video that can be implemented in our lives. One thing that really stood out to me was when they talked about how healing the body in and inward turn but healing the soul is an outward turn. It is so true and i totally saw that in my last area i was serving in. There was this young man who had been through so much as a little kid. He was abused and just had seen things that no little boy needed to. He had a lot of hurt built up inside him. He was recently baptized. He still struggled with depression and feeling happy. He would tell us the only time he would feel an ounce of happiness was when he went out and taught with the elders. We told him that is because as he was teaching the gospel he was serving God therefore he was turning outward and healing his soul. Sometimes souls take a long time to heal but i truly know that by serving others our souls can be healed from any hurt or pain we receive throughout our lives. Here is the link to the video. I would really encourage you all to watch it. I want you all to know that i know this gospel is true. I know God loves us and has a plan for each of us. I know we can develop the character of Christ as we live our lives the way God has directed us to live and as we do new things every day that take us out of our comfort zone and change us. I love the quote "There is no learning in the comfort zone and there is no comfort in the learning zone." It is so true. But i do know God will help us as we put forth the effort he will consecrate our performance. I sure love you all and pray you have a fantastic week!! 
Love your sister Davis :)


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