Monday, June 29, 2015


Well my dearest family and friends!!! I just love you so much!! I cannot tell you how blessed i feel to be a missionary. This week was so miraculous. I hope i have time to write all these stories but if i dont just know that miracles are happening every day :)

First off we had an awesome lesson with this lady who is a members nurses aid. She was at her house and was interested in learning more so we went back to teach her. Well before we start teaching the restoration we talk a little bit about how as she follows the promptings of the spirit she will have a desire to grow closer to our Heavenly Father and how she does that is through making covenants at baptism. She stopped us right there and was like "Wait a second you make a covenant when you are baptized?" and we were like yes we do. And then we went on to explain what  covenant was and how they bind us to our Heavenly Father. She thought it was the coolest thing ever. She said "No other church does that" As i was thinking about that after the lesson i just had the opportunity to reflect on how important our covenants truly are. What a blessing it is to make a promise with God. It is so amazing!!! 

Funny moment of the week....well this is one of many. So we were standing at the end of the line at Wendy's waitin for our food. This guy walks past and says Hi and so we say Hi back and ask him how he is doing. Now let me tell you this guy is completely white. There is now hispanic or anything in him that made him look like he wouldnt speak English. But after we asked how he was doing it sounded like he said "I dont speak much english." So my reply back was "Oh what language do you speak?" but i said it kinda slow so he could try and make out my words... Then he gave me a funny look so i said "Do you speak spanish?" Thinking maybe he would be able to understand some of that. Still that same look of i have no idea what you are talking about. Then he says to me "I speak english"... then he pointed to the cashiers and said "They dont understand my english" Then i realized that is what he said at the very beginning of this awkward conversation. He then finished what he was doing and walked away. I turned to my companion doing everything i could not to burst out laughing at what just happened. 

Okay now for the biggest miracle of all :) So our investigator that we have been preparing for baptism was having a hard time after church last Sunday. He was talking to his grandma about some things that were going on in his mind and she kinda freaked out and sent him to the psych hospital. So this whole week we have had zero contact with him. We have been working with his grandma who is a less active member trying to get her to come back to church. So we went over Sunday morning before church to see his grandma and she says that her grandson is out of the hospital but is not allowed to be at her house. He has some anger issues with her and it is kinda just a bit mess. But she said that the best thing for him would to be to go to church. So my thought was okay after we leave here we need to go to his apartment and see him to try and get him to church. Well as i am having this thought our phone vibrated and i looked down and he texted us telling us he was out of the hospital. So we texted him back and asked if he wanted to come to church. He then called us and told us he wanted to come to church but had no way to make it there. So we quickly found him a ride so he could come. We then went and met up with him to take him some breakfast. When we were there he told us that he had the thought that he didnt want to come to church but didnt have a good feeling about that thought then he had the thought that he needed to come to church and he said "By the feeling i had after that thought i knew i needed to come to church today" We were so amazed!!! That kid understands the spirit. It was so awesome and so good to feel that spirit at he shared his testimony about that. 

Man i just want you all to know that this gospel is so true. I know it is. I know that Jospeh Smith is truly a prophet of God and that the Book of Mormon is Gods word. It truly gives us the strength we need each day to make it through lifes challenges. FAMILIES ARE FOREVER!!! I know it and i love it and am so grateful for it!!! I love you all so much!!!! 
Love your sister Davis :)


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