Monday, January 27, 2014

Cheese :)

Hey everyone!!
Sister Davis and her character shaped cheese!!
So i just got back from a huge grocery store. It is called jungle jims. Holy cow i have never been so overwhelmed grocery shopping before. They have everything there you could ever imagine. This sweet lady in our ward took us. Holy cow the cheese. I love cheese and they have cheese there from all over the world. They even have cheese shaped like characters... yes I got a character shaped cheese. When am i ever going to have character shaped cheese again? Probably never. I cant decide if i want to eat it or just fantasize over it ;)

This week was extremely cold. Something happened with the heat in our apartment so me and my companion slept one night in our jackets hats and gloves. It was freezing!! We also thought a good way to get in with people would be to shovel snow. So we ask this guy if we could shovel and he said sure. Well we did not know that he hadnt shoveled like all season so all the underneath was completely frozen. But after we realized how long this was going to take we couldnt turn back because we told the guy we would. So we spent an hour and a half just trying to get it all shoveled. We did the best we could but after all we could do was laugh cause we were so sore. Oh and in sacrament meeting on sunday the lady giving the closing prayer thanked Heavenly Father for all the cold because the frozen ground was killing all the bugs. She said it just like that too and almost the whole congregation started laughing. Oh and i have a routine in the morning when i am gettin dressed to stay warm. So it goes my leggings, toe socks, regular sock, knee highs, and fleece tights then my boots. It is so COLD!!

This one lady we are teaching has a great dane dog. The dog is hilarious. It will just take its hind end and come and sit on your lap. I took a picture of it sitting on my lap. Oh another funny story. So the senior missionary couple that is in my area was driving us around to show us some things and the elder totally hit a squirrel in the middle of the road. Then he denied that he hit it. But later when me and my companion were driving back we saw the remains... poor squirrel had no chance.

Okay so this is for my tumbling family. They will be so happy. I met this lady in my branch and her daughter and son does gymnastics. I know that is different than tumbling but they said that on a pday they would have to take me to the gym and we could flip around. Also the daughter wants to know how to walk on her hands. So i told her i would teach her.... can i just say day made!!

Well i have met so many interesting people here on my mission so far and i know i will continue to meet so many. Thank you for all the emails and letters. I cannot even tell you how much they mean to me. I love reading them. My mom prints them off and sends them to me so i can have them throughout the week. I hope you all know i love you so much!! Keep staying strong and remember we are all children of God!! :)

Love your sister Davis :)

Mom's notes:

Kirsten ate sushi, I never would have thought that she would eat it :)

She met President Lighthall.

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