Monday, March 3, 2014


Okay so this is my family here. My comp is next to me she is my "Mom" then next to her is her trainer which would be my "grandma" then next to her is another girl she trained which would be my "aunt" just something funny ;)
Oh man this week has been an unforgettable week in the mission for me! Let me start off with a kinda funny miracle. So we were driving to the church and it was dark. As we came around this bend a deer jumped out in front of us and Sister Herndon braked and we missed it. But we did not see that his little buddy was shortly following after him. We ran right into. The deer flipped up onto the car and rolled over the side of it. No damage was done to the car and when we went back to check on the deer it was gone. So it walked away from the scene too. But the miracle part of it was that Sister Herndon didnt swerve or anything cause there was cars in the oncoming traffic that we would have ran right into. Whew! Heavenly Father is watchin out for us.

Okay on a more spiritual miracle. We have this investigator that told us right from the beginning that she believed in God and she was super close with Him. But the thing she struggled with was believing in Christ. So as we taught her she was just struggling. We would give her passages to read that testified of Him and everything. At that point it just seemed like it was impossible to get her to gain a testimony of Him. But we stayed persistent and kept working with her. Then we felt super prompted to talk hit some specific points in the Plan of Salvation lesson and gave her the pamphlet to read. Then the next lesson we had with her she came in and sat down then she said to us "I now believe in Jesus Christ." Oh man!! The Spirit just took over that room and it took all i had in me to stay sitting and not jump for joy!! She is so humble and so receptive to what we have to bring to her. I love her so much.

My lesson learned for the week...READ THE TEACHING RECORDS. We went and visited this old investigator from a long time ago. As we talked with her we gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to read and pray about it and she asked us if she could ask her preacher about it. So we were like yeah as him... well when we got back in the car we were reading the teaching record and it had said that she dropped the previous missionaries because she talked to her preacher about the Book of Mormon. Yeah well she hasnt cancelled our nest appointment so there is still hope.

Okay for all of you that know how much i love taxi's... i found out that one of our investigators used to be a taxi driver. WHAT??? yeah for real no joke. It was just awesome. I wish he still was but thats okay.
Yesterday it was so cold so i wore my comps
footy pjs under my skirt... it was hilarious. 
I have so many layers of clothes on
"i cant put my arms down"
We also had a special training for the sisters this week. It was so awesome we talked a lot about how to relieve stress and stay calm and everything. We also talked a lot about how our missions will help us prepare to be moms and it was so awesome. I loved it!! Some great quotes from the training: "You are not a daughter of God in a formal way, you are his little girl." I loved that just thinking about being my dads little girl made my relationship with my Heavenly Father even stronger. So always remember that as we all know we are children of God but we are also known as his little boys and little girls. He loves us and is so proud of us. Another quote "One of satans greatest tools is to convince us we dont make a difference." I know that each of you make a difference in this world. I know that because each of you have made a difference in my life. You each hold a special place in my heart. Whatever you are doing know that you are making a difference to someone. Oh man i love you!!! I hope you all have a great week. Ta ta for now!! :)

Love your Sister Davis :)

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