Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Wow what a week!! I do have to say this week was not as adventurous as last week with hitting the deer. But each week does have its adventures. Lets see where to begin...

So we went to this members home and we walked in and it smelled like the country boy dairy ice cream place... it was so fantastic and made me want some ice cream... good thing we had some back at the apartment. (That was just a little fun fact of the week, no point to it really)

We have learned a lot of patience this week. One of our investigators left us a note on the door saying they didnt want to meet with us anymore. That was so sad. But we keep moving forward. That just means there is someone else out there that is prepared to hear the gospel. Our branch mission leader told us "Everytime a door gets slammed in your face or someone kicks you down the stairs it is just as important as finding the golden one." That was super encouraging. We keep working and
pressing forward everyday.

My companion got super sick this week so saturday we had to stay in. She took a nap and i watched conference videos... it was a long day. I can say that outside doing the Lords work is SOOOO much better!! After the fact we learned that we could have called one of the sisters in the branch to go out with me while someone else stayed in with her. Good to know for the future.

This is what happens on a sick day.
Oh let me just tell you one of the more awkward doors we knocked on. So we knock on this door and this guy answers the door. He has no shirt on and he is ovbiously in his girlfriends pjs. i would give a hundred buck to see the looks on mine and Sister Herndons face. We didnt know what to do. It was.... interesting.

I do have to say i sure love it here in Lawrenceburg Indiana. The members here are so fantastic and loving. The people are awesome. We are always finding a surprise. The whether is warming up so that make everything automatically better. Well my wonderful friends and family i hope you all know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong!!  I LOVE YOU!!!

Love your Sister Davis :)

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