Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wow this week!!

Oh man what a week. I just got done eating at the best mexican restaurant every!! It is called Chuy's. Mmmm delicious. We went to the temple today and the members that took us to the temple took us there to eat after. Then we got this cake. It is called Tres Leche or something like that. Oh man i am just sayin they better get a Chuy's in Utah before i get home.

As for the temple. It is truly Heaven on Earth. After not going to it for so long and then finally getting to go was absolutely better than Christmas. Last night Sister Herndon and i could not even go to sleep because we were so excited. Then when we got to the temple finally today it was just like a "awwww" moment. The Louisville temple is just tiny but it is the temple so it doesnt even matter. It was just a great feeling to be there. The spirit was so strong and i realized things there today that i never realized before.

 This week I recongnized how powerful the Book of Mormon is. We have this investigator who when we first started teaching her she had no testimony of Jesus Christ. She knew he was a good prophet but didnt believe he was the literal son of God and the Savior of the world. But as we talked about the Book of Mormon and committed her to read it she has gained a testimony of him and has such a strong desire to be baptized. She just has to overcome her smoking addiction. Which is another cool story. She has smoked for 50 years. So when she first expressed this concern to us we offered a priesthood blessing for her but that was before she had a strong testimony of the Savior so she felt like that wouldnt work at the time. So we kept praying and she kept reading and then the last meeting we had with her she asked for that priesthood blessing. It was so amazing! So we got the senior missionary couple to come give her a blessing and can i just say the spirit was so strong there. She then started thinking that it is not so much the addiction but the habit of it so she decided to start using straws to try and cut the habit of it. She is a genius. All from reading the Book of Mormon.

But you prieshood holders, you make sure you always stay worthy to hold your priesthood. That is a powerful thing that you hold and it is so important for you to be able to use it. I love this gospel. I love my mission. I am so blessed to be where i am at the point of life that i am in. I wouldnt trade this for anything in the world. It is hard at times but it is so worth it and it is truly helping me prepare for whats ahead of me in life. We joke about how the MTC is preparation for your mission and your mission is preparation for life. I have such a testimony of the Book of Mormon. It changes lifes. If you arent reading it i would strongly encourage you to start. Read the intro and look at all the promises in it. It will bring families close together and get your testimony of the gospel started on a strong and firm foundation. I know it to be true i know my Savior lives. I know he is watching out for all of us. I know He had blessed me with all of you wonderful family and friends becaue He knew i couldnt do this without you. I love you all so much!! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I LOVE YOU!!!

Love your Sister Davis :)

Additional notes from letters we have received:

Tell ky that i am thinking of her and loved the package she sent me it made me smile so big. Tell her to hang in there once she gets out because it is a totally new kind of hard but it is beyond worth it.

I love you all so much. Dont forget to read the Book of Mormon. I promise it will change your life!!

I am doing so good. I started crying the other day because i realized how short my time here is.

I have been driving for about two weeks. It is super disgusting. There are dead squirrels in the road everywhere i swear if they didnt get hit and killed they would take over the population.

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