Monday, March 17, 2014

Just two layers some days which is a miracle in itself!

Well the work keeps moving forward here in Lawrenceburg Indiana. This last week the weather started to get nice and then cooled off again. I almost went a whole day without my coat on. I have cut back to just two layers some days which is a miracle in itself. I never thought it would start to warm up. But spring is sure on its way. It is super windy here and a big tree blew over just outside our apartment. roots and everything are out of the ground. It is kinda cool.

The beautiful country side i live in :)
Sister Herndon and I fast every week for our area and investigators and this week when we fasted it was quite the challenge. We were both super hungry and super tired. So we knew it was giong to be a day of miracles. It was great we found some great new investigators and we had such a fun day and completely forgot about our hunger and tiredness.

 Our most progressing investigator is absolutely amazing. She is so strong and has such a great desire to learn about the gospel. The adversary is working super hard on her though. We knew he would and we are prepared to fight back. We pray all the time for the strength to overcome his temptations. I never realized how hard he works on people until being out on my mission. This church is so true. Sorry the letter is short this week. But know that i love you all and you all are in my prayers. I love hearing from you all!! LOVE YOU!!!
Look at the car the mission gave us to drive... ;) just kiddin i wish

Love your Sister Davis :)

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