Monday, September 8, 2014

Good times in the mission field :)

Hey everyone!!

This week was quite the week. We seemed to have a ton of things going on. But i would rather be super busy than not have enough to do.

Happy birthday to us...
too bad it was neither of our birthdays...
We saw so many miracles this week. So i dont know if you all remember me talking about this cute couple we were teaching back in June? Well they were having marriage problems and we lost contact with them. But then on thursday the husband called us and asked us if he could take us to dinner. So we went to this mexican resturant. He told us that he has been reading the Book of Mormon and is like half way done with it. HOLY COW!!! That was a miracle in itself. He said he feels that the things he reads could be true he says he has a problem believing that they were written on gold plate... we think there is a deeper concern but any advice that any of you would have for me and my companion to help him with that would be awesome. :) But anyway we were getting ready to go and he told us that we couldnt leave yet... so we sat back down and all the sudden sister Wight and I get these sombreros put on our heads and a whole bunch of waiters and waitresses singing us happy birthday... The husband told the people it was our birthday. Haha so we got sung to whip cream smooshed in our faces and free fried ice cream. It was hilarious.

It is so amazing how the lord works.

We did a service project for one of the members in our ward. She asked us to come and help her clean out her grandsons closet cause her son is coming home from jail and needed some closet space in the closet. So we got there and looked in the closet and it didnt look like it was going to be that big of a project but once we got in there and started moving clothes around we realized there were piles and piles of clothes in the bottom of the closet haha... it took longer than we thought it would. :) but it was a lot of fun! I kept thinking "man, if my mom caught me doing this i would be grounded for a year." how do I knock on this door?

It is amazing the things that we learn on our missions. I love the opportunity that i have to serve the Lord. I thought i knew a lot about the gospel before i left but i have quickly realized you can never know a lot about the gospel. There is always something more to be learned. That is one of the things that makes this gospel so fantastic is it never ends. We have never learned enough. That is why we have all of eternity to live. I love  you all so much! You are all in my thoughts and prayers always. Stay strong :) Love you!!!

Love your sister Davis :)
P.S. I hope my stories make sense... :)

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