Tuesday, September 2, 2014

i dont know what to title this email... :)

UTAH!!!! :) 
Hey my beautiful family and friends,

How have you all been this week? Things are going good here in the fantastic humid land of Indiana!!

We had an awesome experience this week. We were teaching one of our investigators and we asked her if she had any friends that have been struggling or could use any service or anything and she told us about her one friend that had been going through a really hard time. So we went and contacted her friend and we talked to her for a while and told her about what we do and she was so humble. She agreed to let us come back and share more with her. So we went back later this week and shared more and after we got dont sharing the restoration we asked her how she would feel to know if Christ had his church restored on the earth again. She said it would be a miracle. She told us that she believes in having apostles and all the wonderful stuff. We were so excited and told her to pray and ask God if this is all true she said she would. It was so awesome. Both me and my companion feel that she is super prepared. Our other investigator that told us to go see her is so fantastic too. She has two little girls they are 8 years old and they are twins. Sometimes they can be hard to teach with because they get side tracked super easy. But the mom wants them to listen and is truly looking on how she can bring peace into her home. Well there is no better answer to that than to have the restored gospel in her home. 

Something funny that happened this week we got to go and do chalk drawings on Labor day. We went and drew the plan of salvation in a park. And while we were there we were talking to people about it. But anyway my companion and i were drawing the pre-earth life. Well i was drawing the us as spirit children... it was kinda just and outline of a human but it was squiggly to make it kinda spirity lookin. Then we thought it would be fun to get the kids that were at the park involved so we were going to use them to outline Adam and Eve. So things were going just great and we were almost finished and one of the little kids pointed to the spirit children i drew and asked his mom what those were and now i know i am not the best drawer but i thought they looked pretty good but the mom responded with "I think they are gingerbread men"....... But in my defense the little kids responded to his mom and said "I think they are ghosts"... Which is better than gingerbread men. But that just confirmed to me two things...one i probably should not be put in charge of drawing us as spirit children next time and two that little kids are much closer to that veil than we give them credit for. 

Now my companion shared something with me this morning that i want to share with all of you. She told me "God says yes in three ways he says no and give you something better... he says yes and gives  you what you want... or he says wait and gives you the best" I know this is so true. Sometimes we dont recognize the answers to our prayers when Heavenly Father doesnt answer them the way we want him too. But we always got to remember that he can see the whole picture and he knows what it best for you. As we come closer to him and increase our faith in him and his beloved son his will for us becomes more evident to us and we notice our prayers are answered in the way we want them to be because the will of the Father for us is what we want as well. (I hope that made sense) Then other times we feel that Heavenly Father isnt answering any of our prayers because we dont get and answer right away. In that time we do a lot of growing and shaping into what Heavenly Father wants us to become as long as we keep doing what is right. I know that God has a plan for each one of us and at the end of that plan he wants all of his children back home to live with him as families. I am so blessed to have my family sealed to me and know that we will be together forever. That is the greatest blessing i could ever ask  for. I know God loves each one of you and each of you are so special to me. I love you all so much!!! Have a great week :)

Love  your sister Davis :) 

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