Monday, September 29, 2014

my second week in the city :)

My dearest family and friends,

This week went better than last week. We did not get lost one time but the car is going to be able to turn around automatically by the time i get done with it. haha!

We saw so many miracles this week. Thursday was just a miracle overload. We had set a goal the evening before to have two members come out teaching with us. Well on Thursday one of our lessons fell through so we were only going to be able to get one member. But we just kept going on with the day doing what we could. Then we got a call from one of the members and asked us if we wanted to come over for dinner. So we went to her house for dinner and after dinner she asked us if we wanted to go and visit her neighbors with her. Well one of her neighbors was an investigator that we had talked to the day before. So we were able to teach her a little with out member there and we were able to meet the goal we had set. Then the other lesson we taught with a member was so perfect. We were struggling really bad at trying to find a member but then this last member came to mind and we called and he was able to come. The investigator we took him to has been taking care of his mom who has alzheimers. When we got to the lesson with the member we found out that he had to take care of his mom who had alzheimers. They were able to talk and the member was able to help him know things that he can do to help the situations. It was so wonderful. Now i know it is not all about the numbers but it is truly the people behind the numbers that really matter. For that member to have such a strong testimony that she wanted to share it with her neighbor is what truly matters and for the other member to be able to help a new friend with the situation he is in is truly what matters. But the reason i wanted to share those stories is because i know that God is so aware of each of us and our needs. He knows what is going to be best for us in this life to help us learn and grow and remind us that he is in charge and to trust in him.

We also found this lady who is so amazing. So she was walking down the side walk quite a ways in front of us but i got this thought to just call out and ask her if we can give her a card with on it. So we called out to her and sometimes people look at us really weird when we do that but she didnt. She was so sweet and on the other side of the card was a picture of the salt lake temple and she said it was so beautiful and asked us about it. We told her how we know that our families are meant to be eternal and that we will see them again one day and that the temple is where we make a promise with God and he promises that our families will be together. Well after we explained that she said that she totally believed it. She said that she just burried her daughter last week and she knew she was going to get to see her again. We told her that she would and that i knew it without a doubt in my mind. She agreed to let us come back and tell her more about it. We are going back on tuesday and we are so excited. She is so amazing! I know our families can be together forever and it is through the gospel that it is so possible. I know we all are so loved by our Heavnely Father and he wants to see us succeed. I hope you all have such a great week and know tha i love you all so much!!!

Love your Sister Davis :)

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