Monday, September 22, 2014

I am in the city!! :) Area: Indian Hill, Ohio, Companion (Training): Sister Jeralynn Lane, Payson Utah

Sister Shell... my mission grandma
How are you all doing? :) Holy cow this new area that i am in is nothing like the last area i was in! We get to stay with a wonderful member which is so much fun :) We are in a little city outside of the big city of Cincinnati. It is called Indian Hill. But me and my companion are over Madeira, Indian Hill, Mariemont and Terrace Park. There havent been sisters here for a long time. It is amazing and the ward here is so tiny. But everyone seems to be so sweet.

So when we first got here we were trying to find our way around to meet some of the member and stuff. Well somehow we ended up in downtown Cincinnati trying to find someone. I am probably the worst city driver ever. People drive crazy here and the roads just like randomly end and turn into turn only lanes. It was a bit stressful! But looking back on it now it was so funny. The elders in our area gave us a nicer area to work in and told us to stay out of certain areas after dark. We sure are getting taken care of here.

Page family... my mission family

I am starting to understand how to truly love my mission. I dont think i have ever been so "not knowing what to do" in my whole life. But yet somehow we still manage to make it through and find people to teach. It is because even though i have no idea what i am doing God knows what he is doing and what he wants me to do, so he provides the way for me to do it. I have no doubt that this is his work. He is truly guiding us and taking care of us.

I am training a new missionary and that is quite the experience cause i still feel like i am a brand new missionary and i have been out for nine months. But it is good cause i am reminded of simple things that i can do to keep this work moving forward as i share with the new missionary the things that i have been taught.

Right now we are just working on building up our teaching pool. There are so many people here I just gotta figure out how to get this message to everyone of them. We met this really nice guy the other day and are going back tonight to teach him more. He is so awesome.

Well next week i will have some more fun stories to share but until then i will just leave you all with my testimony....

I know this gospel is true. I know Jesus Christ lives. He takes care of us and carries us through everyday. Heavenly Father knows each of us. He knows what we each are facing in life and he is ready to help us. He is ready to answer our prayers and fulfill our dreams but in  order to do that we must pray and we must dream... (I did not come up with that it is a quote that i did not quote word for word cause i dont have it with me) But in know that is so true. He wants what is best for us and he knows what we can become. I am so grateful to serve my God. I am so grateful to have a loving family and friends :) I love you all so so much!

P.S. Check out this mormon message

Love you:)
Moms Additional Comments:  It has been a long week not knowing where Kirsten is.  But I do love the idea that she is staying in a members home. 
Kirsten: Her name is Maxine Blotter, she is a character. She is like 80 years old and is so funny. I love it cause it is like coming home to a grandma to answer to. We are the first sisters here in Cincinnati for like 10 years. We opened up this area :)

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